Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Review

Body Power IT9910 Deluxe
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The Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Seated Inversion System is a new indoor home fitness device suitable for general fitness and back pain.

This very impressive new chair-style home inversion system with comfort features and security functions offers greater benefits than you would expect compared to a typical conventional inversion table, and all at a reasonable price. One of the reasons behind this innovative design is to give greater confidence to people who are unsure, but who want to take advantage of the benefits of inversion therapy.

Because of the growing amount of positive feedback this device has been getting, it has continued to gain popularity among Amazon consumers.


body power it9910 deluxeThe Body Power IT9910 Deluxe is ergonomically designed for better user comfort and includes the provision of contoured handles.  It also incorporates storage pockets for added convenience.

It’s construction is, at the same time, enhanced with various security features, including, but not limited to, double safety protection with strap and safety bar, thus allowing users to have peace of mind during use.


Many customers said the assembly instructions were accurate and easy to follow. Tools are included although some users recommend using a regular socket and wrench set for easier assembly. Most users took between 1 and 2 hours to assemble it.

Build Quality

This table is solidly constructed out of heavy, durable 2-inch steel tubing, heavy flat stock steel and heavy hardware components and should last for years.  It is very sturdy with quality parts.

The device also comes with deluxe foam padding and convenient pockets allowing for comfortable use.

Demonstration of The Body Power IT9910 Deluxe

Ankle Support

There is an easy-to-use extended ankle adjustment lever.  This also ensures further protection by allowing users to sit and adjust their ankle straps before inversion.


The table has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The overall assembled dimensions of the table are 55L x 36W x 60H inches with an overall weight of 71.5 pounds.

This model caters for users in the height range of 5 ft. to 6 ft. 5 in.


it9910 inversion tableYou sit in the seat in full comfort and then slowly recline backwards.  As you do, the seat folds seamlessly into a flat table as you shift backwards.

The deluxe foam padding helps to ensure the most comfortable exercise possible.

The seat “disappears” once inclined but, unlike typical inversion tables, the Body Power IT9910 allows you to sit first, adjust your ankles second and then invert instead of having to put all your weight on the bottom foot support.


The Body Power IT9910 Deluxe is easily foldable when not in use for easy storage.

In its folded form, the dimensions are 70L x 28W x 21H inches.


body power inversionThe IT9910 Deluxe has dual safety features including an integrated strap for the user’s protection and a safety bar for increased security. These features are designed to give users peace of mind during inversion.

There is also an easy to read height adjustment that is also easy to adjust.


The device comes with a 1-year frame and a 90-day all parts warranty provided by BodyFlex Sports if the item is used for the intended purpose under normal conditions, and properly maintained.

Factors To Consider

Overall, the Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Seated Inversion System is a fitness device which offers some better features when compared to an “ordinary” conventional inversion table.  It is of solid construction for stable operation

Customer Reviews

The IT9910 has attracted some great positive reviews for its more flexible operation compared to a typical inversion table.

Most users also find this table delivers great value for money because of its impressive design, solid construction and comfortable operation; all of which are highly comparable to some more expensive competing brands.


  • Chair-style system – a new approach in inversion therapy and exercise, enabling users to be comfortable while in the seated position.
  • Solidly built for stable operation with heavy steel tubing, flat stock steel and heavy hardware components
  • Double safety protection with strap and safety bar
  • Easy-to-use features, including height adjustment and extended ankle adjustment lever.
  • Multi position safety bar which can be used to limit the overall extent of the incline as well as a convenient grab bar or permanent lock.
  • Allows users to sit and perform ankle adjustment first before inversion.
  • Can invert up an angle of 140 degrees.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Designed to be foldable


  • A heavy machine and it is recommended it be set up permanently in the position it will be used in, even though it may not be used all of the time.
  • Some people may find the table a challenge to assemble, however, for the majority of people, this should not be a problem.


For such an innovative product designed to give greater confidence to people who are unsure but who want to take advantage of the benefits of inversion therapy, the price at just under $300, means that the Body Power IT9910 Deluxe offers good value for money.