Back Inversion Therapy: Understand Your Back Pain

back inversion therapyYou may have heard about the many benefits that a back inversion therapy table can do, but are entirely clueless about what is happening inside the body when someone gets inverted.

Users are saying through their reviews that months of getting inverted once in a while has improved their muscle flexibility, breathing, stress and back pain.

But what is really going on underneath?  Here’s a quick picture.

Back Inversion Therapy: Back Pain Relief

Getting in an inverted position relieves back pain.  Here’s how the pain goes away.

Inversion decompresses the spinal joints.  Each joint is decompressed by the same weight that compresses it when the individual is in an upright position.  This leads to less pressure on the spinal nerves, rehydration of the discs and relaxation of tensed muscles.

The space in between two vertebrae is increased.  This allows lubrication fluids to easily enter and moisturize the discs.  Studies suggested that the increased space also causes the discs to be more resistant to shock.

Spinal Column Alignment

Inversion also leads to better alignment of the spinal column.  This is because inversion can lower the pressure.  For example, when the body is inverted to about 60 degrees, the pressure to the spinal column drops to 0.  Less pressure means a better opportunity for the vertebrae to align.  This is why some reviewers are saying that there is an improvement in their posture.

Freeing the Spinal Nerves

There is a group of nerves that passes through the spinal column.  This group of nerves plays a very important role in the communication that takes place between the brain and all the body parts.  They are actually the immediate conduit of communication transmission from the brain.  However, these nerves get to be pinched by the vertebrae or discs over time.  Two things can result from this.

One, pain can radiate to the extremities and elsewhere since these nerves are very long.  Secondly, communication can be hampered or slowed.  Sometimes, when a person gets dizzy, this is just because of a pinched nerve.  Getting inverted may help in such cases.

Easing Stress

Sitting in front of the computer or running errands all the day can lead to stress.  Getting inverted after resting for a few minutes may just be the trick that is needed.

According to a study, inversion (as shallow as 25 degrees) can reduce muscle tension.  This is due to the capacity of the exercise to stretch muscles.  The study noted that the ultimate benefit is the bringing in of large amounts of blood that are rich in oxygen to the muscles.  The researchers also think that inversion can stimulate the lymph system of the body allowing easier release of muscular toxins.

In another study, it has been explained how tension brings about pain.  The subjects of the study were examined to determine the nature and origin of pain.

The researchers said that there are no structural deformities that have been found in 90% of the cases.  It was concluded that restricted blood flow and the formation of lactic acid are the real culprits in tensed-muscles cases.

Increasing Flexibility

Inversion can prevent reduction in the height of a person.  On a normal day, an individual can lose a very tiny portion of his height.  This is due to the reduction of fluids in the joints and the action of gravity.

As a result, the bones are now closer than they were before and therefore movement is more restricted.  A person may also feel that their range of movements gets reduced.

Inversion exercises also flex the muscles.  When a person gets older, they are susceptible to developing a bad posture and bad posture can make the muscles less flexible.  Muscles grow and adapt according to the condition in which they are allowed to flex.

For example, a slouching person can develop shorter muscles at the chest part and longer muscles at the back part.  Inversion can help in maintaining the right balance for muscle growth and flexibility.

Choosing the Back Inversion Therapy Table

The brief explanation above should lead you not only to understanding what is happening inside your body but also to identify the specific problem you are experiencing.  Understand the kind of pain you are having and try to list the symptoms you are experiencing.  This can help you in getting the perfect back inversion therapy table for you.

Remember, do not always believe everything that people are saying about their equipment.  Understanding your own particular condition is the best key to solving your problem.

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