Benefits of Inversion Table for Back Pain

benefits of inversion table for back painAn inversion table is a device designed primarily for inversion therapy which involves bringing the body to an inverted or upside down angle to help relieve issues such as back pain.  The ankles are strapped to this device as the person using it slowly inverts his or her position.  With the right angle and duration, it has been noted that there are a lot of benefits in this.

This article enumerates these benefits along with a section on whether inversion therapy is indeed recommended.

Benefits of Inversion Table for Back Pain

(1) Helps rehydrate the spinal discs

The discs located in the spine can run out of moisture, causing pain in the back area.  Clinical studies have revealed that these spinal discs can be rehydrated through inversion, which causes an increase in separation in the vertebrae.  This allows moisture to enter the soft tissues located in the discs, plumping the discs as well as increasing its nutrient content for improved flexibility and absorption.

(2) Helps in realigning the spine

The activities we do daily might be a reason for possible changes in posture or misalignments in the spinal column.  Carrying a heavy bag on one’s shoulder, wearing high platforms or heels, or prolonged sitting in a slouched position are only few of the activities that cause pressure in the spinal area.  When misalignment occurs, it can cause changes to the body that can be seen through one’s posture.  When inversion occurs at around 60 degrees, the pressure caused by misalignment drops to zero.  Along with some mild stretching, the vertebra can easily move back to its original alignment.

(3) Reduces the pressure in the nerves

As the discs get rehydrated, there is enough clearance for the nerve roots to exit the spinal column.  This prevents any pinching or pressure from happening to the nerve roots.  Any damage that causes the spinal discs to lose their natural alignment might result to a condition called root nerve entrapment, more commonly known as “pinched nerve.”  This causes pain that usually begins in the back area.

(4) Relaxes tense muscles

Inversion is known to effectively stretch the muscles.  This also helps increase the circulation in the body, providing relief for tense muscles.

In a nutshell, using an inverted table for back pain provides the benefits mentioned above.  An inversion table can help provide full-spine traction that helps relieve back pain by elongating and stretching the muscles.

Is it Safe?

Although it has been mentioned that there are many benefits of inversion table for back pain, there are a few things that should be borne in mind first.

(1) Risks

Inverting the body longer than the recommended amount of time produces risks for people who suffer from glaucoma, heart disease, or high blood pressure.

Another risk to look out for is that inverting the body for too long might place pressure on one’s eyeballs and might cause a few blood vessels to pop.

(2) Not a long-term treatment

Inversion therapy should not be regarded as a long-term treatment for back pain.

It would be a great relief to find a type of therapy that decreases any pressure or pain felt in the back.  However, this type of therapy is not for everyone.  This is why the advice of a health professional is of the utmost importance before attempting to do inversion therapy at home.


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