The Benefits of Inversion Tables

The Benefits of Inversion Tables
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the benefits of inversion tablesAn inversion table is generally used for inversion therapy, a form of alternative treatment in which a patient is suspended on the table in an angled or vertical position, hanging by the ankles. This therapy is meant to improve blood circulation, improve body functions, and alleviate back pain.

Those who subscribe to this kind of therapy believe that pressure is put on the spine by gravity; thus, compressing the spine and creating problems with the vertebrae. Slipped discs, sciatica, pinched nerves, and other issues are usually caused by the compression of the spine.

Anyway, inversion therapy can be carried out using gravity boots or an inversion table. The potential benefits of inversion tables include being able to invert at multiple angles or upside down. Inversion tables are also easier to use than gravity boots.

The Benefits of Inversion Tables

Other benefits of inversion tables include injury prevention and pain relief. Those who want to improve their posture should consider using an inversion table. In addition, people who are often stressed out can find relief using this equipment.

Improved blood circulation is another one of the numerous inversion table benefits a person can have if he uses the equipment on a regular basis. Using the inversion table can encourage blood flow to the brain; thus, increasing mental performance and oxygen delivery.

Increased blood flow can also help in alleviating stress after a long, hard day. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue may also find relief in using this equipment. However, even though increased blood flow is good, it can also be dangerous.

For instance, increased blood flow may cause blackouts or dizziness in some people. Those with high blood pressure, especially, should be very careful when using this equipment. They should consult their doctor prior to using an inversion table.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the benefits of inversion tables are not limited to the back. Those who use this equipment may also relieve pain in the shoulders and neck. Shoulder and neck pain are usually caused by fatigue and stress.

In addition, using this equipment can stretch the legs and make them more balanced and flexible. Simple exercises can also be performed on an inversion table to tone and build muscles, as well as stimulate blood flow.

Then again, even though there are a lot of benefits of inversion tables, there are also risks involved. This equipment could also worsen the medical conditions of some patients.

Women who are pregnant as well as people with high blood pressure are not advised to use this equipment. Likewise, those who are suffering from glaucoma and heart diseases should refrain from inverting, unless allowed by a physician.

You should always consult with your doctor before trying or purchasing an inversion table.


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