Best Inversion Table 2018 – Which of These is it?

best inversion table 2017So, what is the best inversion table 2018?

Buying an inversion table can sometimes be a big challenge because of the many options out there.

With there being many different options to choose from, you tend to be overwhelmed and it can be hard to check reviews for all of them. This is why it is important to know which are the best ones, making it easier for you to choose from the best.

There are many different factors that are considered when choosing the best inversion table, and a good one should be able to fulfill most of the conditions you have in mind.

An inversion table is a flat and adjustable table that you lie down on invert the angle until you are upside down. This will ease your muscles and relax the spine, enhancing blood circulation and flow of oxygen to the brain.

There are many benefits of inversion tables, confirmed by scientists. It decompresses the spine and elongates it improving your posture. Your body will be stretched from head to toe. It will help with spinal alignment, relieves pain and will take away the pressure in the disk of the spine.

Which of the following could be called the best inversion table 2018?

Contenders for the Title – Best Inversion Table 2018

Ironman Gravity 4000

ironman inversion tablesThis inversion table is made up of a durable steel frame that is scratch resistant. It also has a powder coated finish. The table has Memory Foam vinyl that has been covered with a tough rubber double stitched. The tough rubber is non-skid to ensure there is no movement during inversion.

It also has floor stabilizers, and three different angles to start from. The table has one of the highest weight capacity and can withstand a weight of up to 350 pounds. It can invert up to 180 degrees.

Using the table requires the use of your hands and fingers as you rotate. The vinyl side covers have been used to ensure that your hands and fingers are protected.

Assembling the Gravity 4000 is very simple and straight forward. It has clear and easy to follow instructions. You can expect to spend less than thirty minutes setting up and using it.

The Gravity 4000 has been designed to provide maximum comfort and easy to use, even for the elderly and is a top contender for the title best inversion table 2017.

Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Table Exercise Back Reflexology

One thing you will note about this table is the pricing, it is one of the cheapest tables in the market. This can be the perfect option for a person looking for a quality inversion table while on a tight budget.

The frame of the table is made out of heavy duty steel and the maximum weight of the machine is 300 pounds. The height ranges from 4’10” to 6’6”. The backrest is made out of nylon and can be easily removed, making it easy to clean. This might not be the most comfortable material for inverting.

The ankle pads are made out of nylon, but there are a number of ways to make it a little more comfortable. Some people wear snow or military boots, while others buy moldable rubber and put it over the ankle locks. Your body will get used to it after some time.

You can expect to spend about an hour to assemble the table, but it will also depend on your skill set and the instructions. Many people usually use the picture on the cover to guide them on what is supposed to go where. The table comes with cheap tools for assembly.

The table can also be folded nicely for easy storage and comes with a one year warranty.

Exerpeutic Comfort Foam Inversion Table

This is another of the best inversion tables 2017 on the market. This is among inversion tables that will serve you well without having to spend a lot of money.

The Exerpeutic can provide support for weight up to 300 pounds. The height can be easily adjustable making it very versatile. This means you can easily use this table whatever height you have, provided you are within the allowable height range which is 4’10” up to 6’6”. The table remains sturdy despite the amount of weight it can support.

It is aesthetically pleasing, and the frame makes it easier for the eyes. The manufacturers of the table gave comfort a big priority, with a 0.75-inch foam that will make you feel comfortable and want to stay even longer. Cushions have been integrated into the ankle supports and foam rollers to ensure maximum comfort. This means you never have to worry about bruises around the ankles and back when using the table.

Using this product, you won’t feel any stiffness of the inversion table but only the softness of the foam

This product provides a wide range of motion because of the adjustable tether straps, making it safe and fun to invert into different angles. The tether will give more stability and security when using. You never have to worry about getting injured.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion

health mark pro maxThe Health Mark Pro Max is a popular inversion table in the market. This will give you the chance to experience the face-up position and inverted positions that ensure maximum flexibility and can be effective when used for inverted massage treatment. The surface has been padded to provide a high level of comfort.

The frame is made from heavy steel, and it can support a weight of up to 600 pounds. The table can accommodate heights from 4 feet to 6 feet.

It comes with a safety strap and safety lock that gives you the chance to control angles with efficiency.

The table weight 90 pounds and come with locking wheels that make it easy to move and store.

The assembly is not complicated because it comes with a detailed manual that you can easily understand and follow.


The above four inversion tables are all excellent quality and any one of them would be suitable to be called the best inversion table 2018.  Choosing the right one to suit your personal needs will be the best decision you make. Which one you get will also depend on how much you are willing to spend.