Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain

best inversion tables for back painWhat are the best inversion tables for back pain? There are several types available and each is suited to a slightly different need.

The inversion table was originally designed to reduce pain experienced in the area of the lower back. The device is similar in design compared to a hammock which folds out in a straight position and curves backwards. These tables have the ability to tilt to a certain degree and feature a number of straps for support and safety.

However, an inversion table is also one of the more popular of a number of methods used today which can enable a person to become fit and lose weight in the comfort of their own home.

Many active people today have been known to suffer from certain degrees in pain located in the back muscles due to the negative effects of gravity. This pain can result in problems like difficulty in sitting, walking and lying down.

Advantages of the Inversion Table

The best inversion tables for back pain are able to assist individuals in stretching out the back more than they are able to do so naturally. People who suffer from chronic back pain ailments are able to find relief in this type of therapy. One of the other uses associated with these tables is an effective way to exercise the body, resulting in an easier way to lose weight.

One of the favorite exercises used on an inversion table would be “sit-ups”. This exercise is far easier to conduct on the table compared to traditional methods. However, careful training is required when using the table for exercises as the table is associated with awkward positions and when the exercise is done in the incorrect way can result in serious injuries or an increase in back problems.

It is therefore advisable that any person who invests in their own inversion table should seek professional assistance before trying the device out at home. The tables can be purchased online or directly from a number of manufacturers available today. The prices are directly related to the functionality and added features.

The prices of the best inversion tables for back pain generally range from about $200 for the cheaper versions which only offer a manual operation. While the more expensive brands can go for anything up to $1,500, these tables are usually powered and come with an added feature such as a type of rotation motor.

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain

The Best Type of Back Stretcher

The back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the body and many people often neglect the importance of stretching out these muscles. One of the best techniques used today to stretch out the back muscles in a safe and effective manner would be to use an inversion table. Inverting is useful in reversing the force of gravity to reduce the compression in the spine and joints.

There are many types of exercise machines that are available for back stretching, but the inversion table is able to produce far better results in the shortest period of time. Inverting is an action that utilizes gravity in reversing the same force that weighs the body down and releases pressure throughout the body.

Inversion therapy is related to decreased back pain as the technique used assists the back in decompression by using gravity in reverse. This method is effective in decreasing pressure on the discs which will allow them to become wider. When this occurs, the surrounding soft tissue and the discs are able to rehydrate. This action will greatly reduce sciatic and any nerve pressure as well as a realignment of the back. The best benefits after the therapy is the relaxation of tensed-up back muscles.

In addition, the inversion therapy afforded by the best inversion tables for back pain assists in a number of other benefits like an increase of oxygen flow and blood circulation to important parts of the body such as the heart and the brain. Gravity causes people to shrink as they get older and inversion therapy can be an effective way to regain height that is lost over the years.

The many benefits relating to the inversion table make this type of device an effective tool in pain reduction and weight loss. However, it is always strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before considering using an inversion table.
Inversion Table Types

The best inversion tables for back pain come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes with varying features for different brands and models. Here are a few of them:

The Standard Type

teeter ep-560To use the manual version of this type of table, you lay on your back and then use your body weight and arm movement to invert yourself into the desired position.

There are also powered versions which will move you into (usually) pre-set inverted positions.


The Seated (Chair) Type

seated inversion tableseated inversion table works very much like a standard type except they are configured like a chair which you sit on. The back tilts to a lying position and then inverts to about 70 degrees instead of the usual maximum 90 degrees. Once done, it moves back into the sitting position.

The seated type of inversion table is often suitable for older people as well as those users who have difficulty in getting on and off a standard type of inversion table.

The Sports Type

Sports type inversion tables are designed allow the user to do inverted sit ups and squats and work on various groups of muscles to build up their fitness, in addition to the usual inversion therapy.

Many users like a sports type inversion table because it enables them to have their inversion table exercises workout followed by stretching their back.

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain Buying Tips

When choosing the best inversion table for back pain that suits you, careful consideration is needed. This is because you need to choose one suitable for all the needs you may have, as well as be effective and efficient enough. Whether you want the inversion table to help you keep fit, or just want it for therapy purposes, always find a way to make the best out of the purchase.

Determining the best fit equipment for your needs may be intimidating, and it is for this reason why we have compiled a list of factors to help make a wiser choice.

Overall Price/Budget

Price does matter a lot especially when buying workout/therapy equipment. You should always be prepared to spend more than expected when purchasing and setting up the equipment. Most of this type of equipment takes up lots of space, meaning you may have to expand or clear up a room to be able to use it properly.

Inversion tables can be pricey, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend too much money on one. You can always find equipment that's affordable and within your budget.

Manual inversion tables are cheaper and can cost anywhere between $100 and $400, whereas motorized ones are the most expensive at over $1,000 upwards. Your budget and needs should always come first when deciding which equipment to buy.

Manual vs. Motor Driven Units

Manual conversion tables work a lot differently than motor driven ones. Motor driven units are the easiest to operate. They have a system controlled unit where you press a few buttons to adjust the whole unit’s angle and position. This is unlike manual units that have to be adjusted manually (which can be tiring for some people).

Manual units do have one advantage in that they require little to no maintenance at all, while motorized ones need to be serviced frequently since they have motorized parts.

Weigh up the two options wisely before deciding what unit to buy or use. Some people will find manual units good, while others will just prefer motorized ones.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Always choose a unit you are comfortable operating and using day in day out. The best inversion table for back pain you choose to buy needs to be cushioned well, easy to adjust and stable too.

For your own safety and ease of use, consider trying the unit first before making the order. It will be easier to decide which the right one is, and which is not. One of the main reasons why you are buying this unit is to find bodily relief, and the inversion table should give you just that, or even more.


Your safety should always come first when using an inversion table. A unit’s safety can be determined by its position, stability and rigidity, meaning its physical appearance and beauty shouldn’t be the main influence on why you buy it. You should always be assured of your safety whether the unit is given to you freely or comes at a cheaper price.

To be assured of your security, examine the unit’s pivots and supportive bearings. Its safety straps should be strong enough and the whole frame shouldn't wobble at all.

You also need to check that the unit will support your weight. Manufacturers normally indicate the maximum weight supported by each unit, so be sure to check for that. If you don’t feel safe using a unit, do not buy it and look for a more durable and secure piece of equipment to buy.

Positioning and Operating Angles

When shopping for the best inversion table for back pain, you will probably notice that some of them are very light in weight and compact, while others are quite heavy. Although heavier units are considered more stable and durable, they tend to take up more space. Lightweight and compact inversion tables can be durable as well, and take up very little space, hence can be ideal for small homes or limited spaces. It is however your own responsibility to make sure that the unit you pick fits in its designated workout area, and that it is stable in all operational angles.

The inversion table you choose to buy should be able to rotate up to 180 degrees. The ability to swivel to this angle means you can use the unit for more intense and strenuous exercises should you wish. Units that cannot rotate to this angle are meant for moderate exercises, and unless this is what you want, go for the one that turns to 180 degrees.

When looking at the best inversion tables for back pain, take into consideration all of the above points.

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