Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review

teeter ep-560 review

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 inversion table is still, without doubt, one of the best inversion tables on the market today. Used for both inversion therapy and core workouts, it is a very popular choice of quality inversion table. The experience of Teeter Hang Ups, as a premier designer and manufacturer of quality inversion tables since the early 1980’s, has …

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Ironman Gravity 4000 Review

ironman gravity 4000

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is one of the latest from Ironman and is known for both its comfort and effectiveness. Packed with comfort features to enhance your inversion experience and relax your muscles, it is an improvement on their earlier Gravity 1000 and Gravity 2000 models. The inversion table is an important item of equipment used for inversion therapy by …

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Stamina Seated Review

stamina seated inversion table review

The Stamina Seated Inversion Table created by Stamina Products has a unique feature that you won’t find on many other comparable inversion table products – The user is seated before inverting. This has the great benefit of allowing the person to get comfortable before inverting as well as making it easier to fit the ankle straps. This can be of particular benefit to …

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 Ltd Review

teeter ep-970 ltd

Pain is a problem that many people experience and back pain is the most common type. In fact, there are more people who miss work as a result of back pain than for any other reason. If you are somebody that suffers from pain, you may have considered investing in an inversion table. It is something that can help bring …

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Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Review

ironman ift 4000 infrared inversion table

The Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Table is the most recent and one of the most advanced inversion therapy systems on the market today to help reduce back pain. It combines traditional inversion relaxation with the latest technology of advanced far infrared heat therapy to deeper penetrate the body. The backrest has built-in, ultra-thin carbon fibre heating elements that produce a …

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Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table Review

Innova ITX9600 heavy duty inversion table

Many people have purchased the Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table and have had great experience with them so far. At an affordable price, this is a heavy piece of equipment capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. Being made out of heavy gauge steel with the back rest being extra long and wide, this inversion table feels extra sturdy and also …

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Review

teeter hang ups ep-960

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 is a great improvement on the company’s earlier EP-950 model. Teeter have however kept the best features of the older model and added several upgraded features to make this one of the most customizable inversion tables on the market today. Teeter Hang Ups are the pioneering leaders in the field of inversion tables, having been …

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Merax Heated Massage Review

Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table Review

Here we give a complete review of the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table. Many people are already familiar with inversion tables to one degree or another. They know the health benefits that can be derived from using them. They are especially beneficial for those who suffer from stress or back and neck pain. Anyone who has back pain and wants …

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Ironman ATIS 4000 Review

ironman atis 4000 inversion table

The Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table is a combination of inversion table, for relieving back pain, and AB/CORE workout training equipment. It’s designed both for people who suffer from back pain and those who want to improve their core fitness levels. The ATIS range of AB and CORE training tables, which includes the ATIS 1000 AB, has been developed by Ironman specifically …

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Health Mark Pro Max Review

health mark pro max inversion table

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table is one of the more expensive and higher end inversion tables.  It is the only inversion table of its kind available on the market that is bi-positional and non-motorized. It was designed for therapy centers but is now available for home use as it can be operated by the user themselves. This high quality …

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