How to Use Your Inversion Table

How to Use Your Inversion Table
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Reading inversion table reviews is the best way to find a product that perfectly suits your needs. Once you get the machine however – what do you do next?

Although it’s true that inversion tables offer a wide array of benefits, it’s also important to remember that, like other machines, they can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

This is why individuals should make sure that they know how to operate the device before actually attempting a few angles.

How to Use Your Inversion Table

Find a Good Location

First, look for a good spot in the house, somewhere with wide open space where the table can fit in comfortably. Keep in mind that the table will move in different angles so you need to make sure that the immediate space nearby is free and clear.

Check all Straps

Check the different straps to make sure that they are tightly attached to the machine. These straps will ensure that you are firmly anchored to the table and will not fall off during an inversion session.

Adjust the Height

Most inversion tables have an adjustable height, allowing you to fit it depending on your own length. This is important since you need to be comfortable during the inversion. If the length is incorrect, you might find yourself doing more harm than good.

Jump In

Get into position and attach all the straps necessary. Wiggle a little to find out if the straps will hold you properly. Take as much time as you need to ensure that your body is laid out comfortably on the table as you won’t have a chance once the inversion starts.

Keep It Small

Start with an angle of 10 degrees first, allowing yourself to become used to the position. Some people may have an adverse reaction to the inversion so it’s crucial to watch yourself for any signs that the inversion should be stopped immediately. Blurring and a sudden sharp pain should tell you that the exercise must stop.

Tip for New Users

If you have never used an inversion table before, it’s a good idea to first seek out a gym that has one. Ask for a trainer who can instruct you in the proper way to use the inversion table and use this knowledge when buying your own table. By doing this, you should be confident enough to use your own personal inversion table without help. It’s also a good idea to have a friend there with you when using the device for the very first time in your own home.

Don’t forget that different products may be operated slightly differently. For this reason, you need to read several inversion table reviews to ensure that you are getting something with simple instructions on how to use your inversion table. Find out what others have to say about the product and whether it can be relied on for personal use.

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