Inversion Table Workouts

Inversion Table Workouts
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inversion table workoutsUsing an inversion table can provide health benefits in a number of different ways. They are well known for the joint and muscular pain relief that is often associated with inversion, but they can also help to improve your posture and even to flush your lymph system.

Using an inversion table regularly, perhaps even twice a day, can help you to see those benefits in a short amount of time.

What you may not realize is that you can also partake in inversion table workouts. Although those type of exercises are not particularly well known, they can be very beneficial if done properly.

Here are a few of the different types of inversion table workouts that you may want to consider.

Overall Body Stretching

Although it may seem obvious to many individuals who own an inversion table, stretching is perhaps one of the top benefits of using such a device. By inverting your body and using gravity as a tool, you can get a full body stretch from the bottom of your legs, all the way up through your neck.

Stretching is often a big part of any workout, because it helps to prepare the body for vigorous activity. Spending some time on the table before you do any type of workout can help you to get the most out of your exercise routine. It also helps to prepare the body so that you are less likely to get injured.

Work the Abs

Inversion table workouts in the abdominal region can help you to get a much more intense workout than doing it in a standard position. For the advanced user, abdominal exercises can be done from a fully inverted position.

Many inversion tables also allow you to adjust to various inversion angles. You can start at a fairly shallow angle to strengthen the abdominal muscles and as you continue to exercise, you can adjust the angle further toward full inversion. Even if you never reach the point where full inversion is achieved, you will find that working your abdominal muscles in a slightly inverted position will strengthen them quickly and provides many benefits.

Inverted Weight Training

For the advanced user, an inversion table can be great for a weight training workout. It tends to differ from the typical weight training sessions, where you are either are lying flat on your back or standing/seated.

It is best if you use lighter weights when you first start to weight train in an inverted position. It can be awkward and you will be working muscles that do not typically get worked when you are in a standing or seated position. In addition, it can work the stabilizer muscles, helping you to achieve a greater level of fitness.

Regardless of what type of inversion table workouts you do, it’s important for you to start slowly. Even if you have spent a considerable amount of time using an inversion table for stretching the body, adding movement and exercise could result in injury if it is not done properly.

As you slowly progress, you will find that doing inversion table workouts is a great way for you to get physically fit and to stay that way.


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