Inversion Tables Reduce Back Pain

Inversion Tables Reduce Back PainDo inversion tables reduce back pain? How many times have you heard that? Well, it happens that, in the majority of cases, they are a great way to help reduce back pain.

They can also help to release the tension from the back and, at the same time, stimulate joints, particularly the ankles.

The majority of inversion tables are operated manually, but there are motorized ones which require less adjusting.

The motion of the table should be smooth and jerk-free which means it should have good roller bearings. Most inversion table can rotate to a 90-degree angle.

Full inversion can help to reduce the stress and pain although it's not essential to do a full inversion if you aren’t comfortable with it. Full inversion is meant for athletes and those people who are at the expert level.

In the fully inverted position, you gently rotate your head from side to side as well as lift up the head. It’s important that you perform exercises while being fully inverted only when you are comfortable.

As well as relieving tension and back pain, inversion tables can also be used after a cardio vascular workout, including doing squats and sit ups.

If, like many of us, you haven’t exercised in a while, you will almost certainly feel sore by the end of the day. Like any other form of exercise such as running, aerobics, Pilates etc., you should increase the intensity of exercise very gradually.

There are various inversion table models currently available on the market from a range of companies and the cost of these will vary, depending on the features included.

When buying an inversion table, some of the features to look for include:

  • Non-slip traction handles
  • Corner stability feet
  • Tether straps
  • A comfortable mat
  • Length of warranty

These features will almost certainly be included in the higher priced models.

Some companies can even provide free shipping and handling.

Some of the other features that might be included are hinges that auto-lock and Teflon embedded epoxy-coated roller bearings to smooth movement and no unnecessary jerks and screeches.

Wearing gravity boots is an optional accessory. What gravity boots are meant to do is provide support for the ankles while exercising on the inversion table.

Some people feel that the very act of inverting might cause a rise in blood pressure as well as increasing pressure in the eyes. However the latest research has concluded that you are as much as risk as you when you are standing up. In a healthy person, the human body has a natural mechanism which helps to prevent damage while being upside down. When you come to think of it, some of the exercises done in Yoga involve hanging upside down and are known to have a positive effect on the people who do this form of exercise.

Do Inversion Tables Reduce Back Pain?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes. However, it should be emphasized that anyone considering using an an inversion table should consult with a qualified physician before trying it out.


Before you decide to purchase an inversion table, do some thorough research into what features they have and the cost involved. One good way to do this is to read as many online reviews as you can before buying a particular brand or model of inversion table.

Most companies provide a parts and labor warranty. However, Teeter Hang Ups is one of the very few companies that offer a five-year warranty on the inversion table and, at the same time, including an educational DVD in the package which shows the beginner how to use the table properly and reap the benefits.