Inversion Therapy for Back Pain

Inversion Therapy for Back Pain
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One of the benefits of inversion tables is carrying out inversion therapy for back pain and there is much to be gained from using one. Many people have already claimed that the process of inversion provides relief from back pain and decompresses spinal disks.

What some people have not also pointed out is that inversion helps to prevent health problems caused by muscle and bone compression.

The practice of inversion is not new and it has been around for thousands of years. The practice originated in Greece around 400 BC and was recognized because of Hippocrates who used inversion therapy for back pain relief. The famed Greek physician was said to have hung some of his patients upside down by tying them onto tables.

At that time, the inversion table was made completely out of wood and impossible to use on your own.

As well as manual inversion tables, there are also motorized ones. These would not be in existence today if Dr Robert Martin had not introduced the inversion table system in the 1960s. Dr Martin promoted the therapeutic benefits of inversion and marketed the inversion table. Both gradually became popular in the 1980s and market sales boomed when Hollywood actor Richard Gere was seen being inverted in “American Gigolo” using gravity boots.

Inversion Therapy for Back Pain

Primary Use and Therapeutic Purpose

The primary objective of an inversion table is inversion therapy for back pain. The inversion table is merely a device to help a person achieve a safe, efficient, and effective inverted position.

Research has found that gravity is a major factor in the development of back pain in addition to strenuous activities and compressing positions. It is said that gravity causes the disks in a person’s body to pull down on each other and compress. Excessive movements or prolonged immobile positions further increase the effects of gravity on the spinal cord as well. Over time, this compression will become painful or at least uncomfortable.

Inversion aims to reverse these gravitational effects. While massaging can temporarily ease the pain, it is neither as effective nor as relieving as inversion.

Negative Effects of Gravity

Compression also causes lower blood circulation in the body. Most of the time, this decrease in circulation deprives some of the upper body parts, especially the brain, from receiving enough oxygenated blood. As a result the person’s mental processing is slowed down.

The low circulation in the blood will cause some people to be unable to think fast or clearly. It is also more difficult to have control over the muscles, joints, and most reflexes.

The best inversion table units are aimed at promoting blood circulation to the head so that it is possible to regulate intake oxygen evenly. This allows better overall performance and health.

What Inversion Therapy Prevents

Bodily pain causes people different levels of stress. Some feel like they are being weighed down heavily and are unable to perform daily tasks in a lively manner. Others find it difficult to get up in the morning or perform certain exercises.

Due to the heavy effects of gravity, people with impending illnesses become even more prone to developing health problems.

Health problems can range from moderate to critical, depending on the person.

Slipped disks and conditions related to the spine like Scoliosis develop mainly because of too much compression in the bone or spine. These conditions can be prevented with occasional inversion therapy.

Exempt Cases

There is no known case, event, or study indicating that an inversion table can cause health or body problems. There is no proof that inversion therapy increases the risks of stroke like some people claim. However, it is inadvisable for those with any form of cardiovascular disease to undergo inversion therapy even with the best inversion table as an aid.

It is also not advisable for anyone with bone injuries, osteoporosis, hernia, or glaucoma or other eye problems to use an inversion table.  It cannot be overemphasized that it is extremely important that you consult with professional doctors first before even considering using an inversion table.

If you are considering trying inversion therapy for back pain and looking for a quality inversion table to help relieve some of your pain or pressure, it is always better to search for inversion table reviews from the more reputable websites.

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