Inverted Table: Tips for Choosing a Brand

Inverted Table: Tips for Choosing a Brand
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It has been documented that inversion therapy is an effective solution to ailments such as back pain and even dates as far back as the early 400s B.C.

Due to the current number of manufacturers in the industry, it might be difficult to know which table would best work for you.

There are hundreds of brands, not to mention thousands of models, and various selections available both online and in stores.

If you are among those who are considering buying an inverted table, then this article may help you determine which one is best for you.

So Which Brand Should You Choose?

Due to the number of brands out there, this is probably the first question you will ask.  Here are some very important things to consider in choosing the brand for your inverted table.

(1) Quality

There are many companies that are reviewed that produce good quality products.  Since using this type of product requires you to hang yourself upside down, then it would make sense to avoid brands that manufacture poor-quality products.

Also, take note of the materials they use for building their equipment.

(2) Warranties

Any type of inversion equipment should be built to withstand many years of usage.  However, it is still important to know if the company behind your product would be willing to assist you in case something goes wrong with your inverted table.

Teeter Hang Ups offer a 5-year warranty with their inversion tables.

(3) Listings and Certifications

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a company that tests products for the safety of the public.  When buying an inverted table, make sure to look for the UL Mark.  This indicates that that particular table has been tested and found safe and secure to use.

(4) Long-Standing

Make sure to find out if the brand has been manufacturing inversion tables for quite a while already.  An example of a brand to avoid is one that focuses on products other than the inversion table.

Consider buying only from an established brand name that specializes in the manufacture of inverted tables.

(5) Return Policies

Sometimes, a product may not function correctly according to its purpose and might contain hidden defects that come to light after purchase.

Make sure the brand you choose will be able to deal with this in the easiest and most painless way possible for your own sake.

Top Recommended Brands of Inverted Tables

Here are the most recommended brands when buying an inversion table.

  • Ironman
  • Motion Fitness
  • Weslo
  • Kettler
  • Stamina

These brands have been tested and meet the requirements for a good quality inversion table.  Teeter in particular have been tested and certified by UL to medical equipment standards (UL60601-1).

Also, make sure to purchase only from an authorized dealer to ensure that you get full warranty and the latest model.  For more information on these products, feel free to visit each brand’s official website.

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