Merax Heated Massage Inversion Review

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Merax Inversion Table
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Here we give a complete review of the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table.

Many people are already familiar with inversion tables to one degree or another. They know the health benefits that can be derived from using them. They are especially beneficial for those who suffer from stress or back and neck pain.

Anyone who has back pain and wants a fast and easy solution should consider an inversion table.

Those who suffer from stress or other types of pain in their body should consult with their doctor as many have recommended these tables for alleviating those issues.

Another advantage of this type of table is the fact that it could be purchased for a one-off fee as opposed to the ongoing cost of going to a chiropractor or other doctor.

One of the latest tables of this kind to come out is the Merax Heat Comfort and Vibration Inversion table.

This table was made specifically to address the different features users wanted as well as being one of the most comfortable inversion tables made. Anyone who has stress that causes pain or is suffering from neck and back pain will certainly find that this table helps them significantly.


The Merax  Heated Massage Inversion Table uses the latest technology in the form of a heat and vibration massage pad that gives maximum coverage for your back. This is in addition to the other benefits derived from using an inversion table.

It is constructed of stainless steel and has an attractive tubular design.

This inversion table allows its users to receive the maximum benefits in the most comfortable manner possible.


It comes ready to use. The amount of assembly that is required is very minimal and basically only requires minor adjustments that in-turn increases the overall benefits and advantages the user will get from the table.

Quality Built

Merax inversion tableThis is among the most durable and stable tables made and because of its stainless steel construction it is sure to last.

Users are able to get features such as neck support, comfortable padded seats, and an adjustable belt which all help to relieve stress and pain.

Ankle Support

Support for the ankle is crucial when using an inversion table. You will get the best ankle support when using the Merax Heat and Vibration Inversion Table.

The ankle support is padded and adjustable for added comfort.

Different users will need different levels of support and therefore this is made adjustable for that purpose. This area has a lock that keeps the ankles secure when using the table.


Because of this quality construction of this product, the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table is able to hold a person safely who is up to 300 pounds. The dimensions of this table are 59 inches high by 26 inches wide and 47 inches long. The table itself weighs 63 pounds.


This particular table is very easy to adjust for the purpose of inverting. The user will not need to make any special adjustments to use it in this way.

An individual can invert the table by simply applying a little pressure after sitting on it. They can then use the inverting grips to provide the maximum amount of stretching while on the inverted table.

Using this table can provide its owner with the benefits of inversion therapy. Anyone who uses this table regularly will find that their blood circulation improves and that body pain reduces.


Some consumers worry that it might be difficult to store this table when they're not using it. Fortunately, this is not an issue with this inversion table because it is made to be easily folded so that it can be conveniently stored and easily transported.


Merax heat tableOf all the inversion tables available on the market, the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table is by far one of the safest. It provides very comfortable support for the ankles along with a padded seat and safety features that protect the person while using the table.

Foam rollers are used to maximize the protection and support given to the ankles.

This table comes with adjustable safety straps that completely cover the body which further adds to the security and safety provided by this table. It is able to give a very high level of comfort while keeping the individual safe in part by the use of high-density foam on the back of the table.

Anyone who wants to have a table that is very comfortable while also being extremely secure should strongly consider this particular inversion table.


The table comes with a very good warranty that covers its stainless steel frame and other parts. You can learn all you would want to know about the warranty by simply visiting the manufacturer's website.

Things To Consider for the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table

A quality inversion table is made so that it should be a one-off investment and for this reason, it's important that you get the right table and one that is built to last. Here are the things you should look for when shopping for your inversion table:

  • The table itself should be very comfortable and have padded foam cushions that are soft. The foam should be very dense so that it offers a great level of support for the neck and back areas.
  • The inversion table should provide a high level of safety that includes strong and comfortable ankle support, adjustable body straps, and comfortable armrest among other things. The body straps should be adjustable to make them suitable for the different height and weight of the person that will be using the table.
  • The table should be flexible in its ability to adjust itself to make it easy to store and transport. It should be adjustable so the individual can get the best results for their needs.
  • The inversion table should be of high quality and yet the overall investment should be reasonable. The top priority is neither to get the cheapest or the most expensive but rather to get the inversion table that will give you everything you need for a reasonable price.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very stable
  • Has some of the highest safety standards available
  • Easy to store and to transport
  • Offers safe and comfortable ankle support
  • Removable massager and vibration heat will relieve your back pain and stressCapable of relieving stress and other pain in the body


  • While the product is largely assembled, if someone wants to be able to use the tables advanced functionality the additional assembly required can be somewhat time-consuming.


The price of the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table is extremely affordable for such a high quality, comfortable, and safe table. It will help users to relieve anxiety, body pain, and stress. It is the right price for the right table.