Reduce Back Pain With an Inversion Table

reduce back pain with an inversion tableCan you reduce back pain with an inversion table, and what are the other inversion table benefits that you have probably heard talked about?

Inversion tables are a type of exercise table that has been designed so that when a patient is placed on one, their feet will be in a position that is higher than their heads. It is used to reduce the effects that gravity has on the body.

One of the inversion table benefits will be that the body is placed in an upside down position; this causes gravity to act in the opposite direction on the body.

These tables come highly recommended by many physiotherapists and doctors for patients that may be suffering from certain types of back pain. The exercises done on an inversion table have been proven in many cases to alleviate pain and increase circulation in the body.

The inversion tables used today come in a variety of designs and sizes. In addition, there are a number of brands available from the different manufacturers. Like so many of the pieces of exercise equipment out there, some of these inversion tables come in immobile, complicated, large and expensive options. These are the types that can cause serious injuries when used in the incorrect manner. However, there are the portable types which are ideal for home use and are more affordable options for people looking to invest in one to use in the home.

There are the types of inversion tables that have been designed to act as a form of workout machine which allows the user to exercise various parts of the body. The price factor on inversion tables will vary according to their functionality and features. Inversion tables known as “power” inversion tables are far more expensive compared to the manual varieties.

The tables will vary in the amount of weight they can accommodate as well as how long they are expected to last for. Quality inversion tables will generally come with a warranty from the manufacturers and are made to last for many years.

Important Inversion Table Benefits

These tables have been regarded as effective to use by individuals who suffer from pain in their lower back area. This is because of the action of reversed gravity causing the spine to stretch out which normally results in much needed relief for the user.

Inversion tables and the exercises used have also been rated as extremely effective in older people. This is due to back problems usually associated with the aging process. Back pain is often related to the effects of gravity that causes a pulling down action over an extended period.

Inversion therapy has been used worldwide for many years and many patients who have undergone such a therapy claim to experience the following inversion table benefits after one or more treatments:

  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Reduces compression
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Increased flexibility

Inversion Table Benefits Exercises

  • The inversion table provides complete spinal traction, which alleviates the pain in the lower area of the back.
  • Reversal of gravity that may have been causing pressure to the spine and which can cause problems such as a pinched nerve.
  • When an individual is hanging in an inverted position, the body is stretched out, reducing strain on the discs.
  • The process of inversion promotes stretching and elongating of the muscles, resulting in a reduction in pain.
  • After inversion treatment, pressure will be taken off the backbone, decreasing the impact that gravity has on the spine. Individuals are usually able to stand and sit more easily and movement is easier.
  • The traction used in the inversion table can also be used to relieve pain in individuals who may be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • When the feet are positioned above the heart, an increase in oxygen and blood circulation occurs. Many individuals who have carried out inversion table exercises state that they feel more awake and alert after the first session.

However, there are still many medical practitioners and doctors who don’t believe in inversion table benefits and will avoid prescribing such a treatment for their patients. It is therefore, always a good idea to consult with your doctor before considering using an inversion table as everyone's physical condition and heath situation is different.

To date though, there are thousands of people who have reaped the benefits of inversion table therapy and managed to reduce back pain with an inversion table. Most individuals will state that after a few sessions they have an improved posture, less back pain and increased flexibility, while, at the same time, feeling more relaxed and in an improved mood.

Everyone is different, but for the majority of people inversion table benefits can far outweigh the risks.