Some of the Best Inversion Table Exercises

Some of the Best Inversion Table Exercises
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Many people see the inversion process as the exercise itself when using inversion tables. Experts know however that there’s more to this than simply hanging upside down. The force of gravity can actually work in your favor in situations like this, making it possible for individuals to get more intense workouts for a better burn.

If you’re currently wondering how to perform some of the best inversion table exercises, the following are some examples that might prove useful:


Rocking is the simplest exercise possible, allowing you to soothe the bones into their proper positions. Simply move your body side to side while inverted. This can be done regardless of what angle you are at on the table. Don’t do this too roughly though, the goal is to rock yourself as if you’re falling asleep.


The best inversion tables come with excellent ankle straps or clamps that give you both stability and comfort. With this, you have the option of doing crunches even if your head might be pointing downwards. When performing these, do so very gently, just enough to crush your middle and give your core a good workout. Some people can manage a full upside-down sit-up although this is only recommended for those who are fit and used to the routine.


Inversion tables offer an excellent opportunity to stretch different parts of the body such as your legs, spine, neck and even arms. The inverted position makes it possible for you to stretch areas that don’t normally get enough attention during stretches. At the same time, this can help relieve any muscle pains you might have while also improving circulation of the blood to all other areas of the body.

You can also try out other exercises, depending on your level of expertise in using the inversion table. You can even incorporate other exercise equipment into the workout although this is only advisable for confirmed experts. Considering the difficulty of the exercise, safety should always be foremost in the mind of the user.

Note though that prior to proceeding with inversion table exercises, it’s a good idea to first get used to the basics of using the machine. For example, you might want to start off with a 10 degree tilt first, proceeding to 45 and then 90 with your head pointing downwards. Going too fast can actually cause dizziness due to the amount of blood rushing to your head.

Other Concerns

Keep in mind that the use of inversion tables is limited to people with a clean bill of health. Some diseases or ailments can cause more harm than good when paired off with inversion exercises. For this reason, before even considering purchasing an inversion table, individuals are advised to question their doctor about the possibility of using one and whether this would affect their physical health. 


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