Teeter EP-970 Ltd Review

teeter ep-970 ltd review
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Teeter EP-970 Ltd
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Pain is a problem that many people experience and back pain is the most common type. In fact, there are more people who miss work as a result of back pain than there are for any other reason.

If you are somebody that suffers from pain, you may have considered investing in an inversion table.

An inversion table is something that can help bring your spine back into alignment and can relieve some of the pressure that may be causing nerve pain. It can also be used for exercising the core muscles.

There are a number of choices available but the Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table is one of the best and is well worth considering.


A Review of the Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table


The design of the EP-970 Ltd is a slight improvement over previous models. One of the additional features is a handle that makes it much easier to get into position and for locking the ankle comforters.

It is a very sturdy unit that can handle a person weighing up to 300 pounds and stable, with a wide base that offers a larger footprint for convenience and security.


teeter hang ups ep 970This unit offers a 5-step assembly that is quite easy to handle. There is a user manual included that walks you through the process.

If you are suffering from severe back pain, you may need some assistance because the unit does weigh 70 pounds and you would not want to injure yourself in an effort to heal your spine.

All in all, you can expect to spend about 30 minutes assembling the product if everything goes smoothly.

Build Quality

As far as quality is concerned, the Teeter EP-970 Ltd is one that certainly measures up to some of the more expensive units on the market.

The quality is seen in the parts as well as in the overall product.

When it is assembled properly and used according to specifications, it is unlikely that any problems are going to occur.    


**** UPDATE ****

Since this review was written, the Teeter EP-970 Ltd model has now been replaced by the newer FitSpine LX9 more advanced model:
teeter fitspine x1 inversion table
Click Here to See the LX9



Ankle Support

teeter ep 970 Ltd ankle supportThe ankle support is improved over the previous model.

They provide a more comfortable fit because they are contoured and tight fitting so there is less likelihood of any slippage occuring that could chafe or cause other problems.


This unit is very capable of handling most people who are going to need an inversion table. It fits those who are between 4′ 8″ and 6′ 6″ and can hold up to 300 pounds.

The steel parts and the quality construction ensure that problems are extremely unlikely to occur when the weight is kept within that range.


Inverting takes place with an easy arm movement using the attached lever. It requires very little effort on the part of the user in order to get into the inverted position and then returned to an upright position again.


One of the benefits of using the Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table is the fact that it has a limited footprint when it is in storage.

When it is in use, the footprint is wide enough that it has all of the stability that is necessary for safe usage. It can fold up quite easily and within a matter of seconds, it can be in a space-saving position so that it can be stored in next to no time.

The footprint is 20″ x 28.8″ and 66″ high making it easily fit most closets with plenty of room to spare.


Quite obviously, safety is always going to be a concern when you are using an inversion table. The manufacturing of this unit makes it possible for you to get into an inverted position without having to be concerned over slipping or failing.

What is interesting is that this unit is cleared by the FDA for a wide variety of pain relief, which is unique among inversion tables.


teeter ep-970 Ltd rotationThe quality of this inversion table is second to none but it is also nice to know that there is a five-year warranty that ensures that any problems that do happen to occur with the table are going to be corrected.

Additional information about the warranty and exactly what it covers are available on the manufacturer website.

Some Factors to Consider for the Teeter EP-970 Ltd

Since the primary reason why most people are choosing an inversion table is for back pain, it's good to consider the ability of the unit to relieve pain.

As was mentioned previously, this inversion table was cleared by the FDA for back pain, spinal degeneration, degenerative disc disease, joint disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome, muscle spasms and muscle tension.

Quite simply, it covers those who are looking for a reliable way to manage pain.


  • The main benefit of using this inversion table is the fact that it works. It is a high-quality unit that assembles easily and will provide years of quality service. From the stainless steel frame to the specialized bearings, you will be able to feel the quality from the very first time you use it.


  • The only issue that you are likely to have with this unit is the fact that it does require some room when it is in use. This is to provide the footprint necessary to stabilize the unit properly. There have also been some complaints about ankle strain but this really depends on the individual who is using it.


All in all, anyone who is looking for an inversion table to help with back pain should take a long look at the Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table.

It is a quality unit that has much to offer to those who bring it home.

Before you use any product for health care, always consult with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.  


**** UPDATE ****

Since this review was written, the Teeter EP-970 Ltd model has now been replaced by the newer FitSpine LX9 more advanced model:
teeter fitspine x1 inversion table
Click Here to See the LX9

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