Teeter Inversion Table – The Pros And Cons

Teeter Inversion Table – The Pros And Cons
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Do you have back pain that is so severe that nothing you do seems to stop it? Does the pain prevent you from getting a decent night’s sleep?

If you have answered yes to either question, a Teeter inversion table by Teeter Hang Up may be able to provide you with some relief from your back pain.

Many health clubs now include inversion tables in their inventory of fitness equipment. These machines have the ability to help those who have limited mobility. The tables are especially beneficial for people who have arthritis because they offer maximum relief for the back.

How A Teeter Inversion Table Can Help With Arthritis

Arthritis is a health ailment that can make a person experience extreme pain when he or she tries to move their joints. Any joint can be affected, but arthritis in the knees or hips can cause a person to become immobile. This is why arthritis is also known as the ‘crippling disease’. Fortunately, using a Teeter inversion table has helped many people who suffer with arthritis regain their mobility.

From a physiology standpoint, arthritis becomes more apparent in the body when the muscles surrounding the joints become weak. This also occurs in the back. When the back muscles become weak, patients begin to experience pain in their spine and/or pelvis region. The chance of developing arthritis in this area also increases.

If the muscles in your legs are not strong enough to support your body weight, the knees have to absorb most of the weight. However, after a while the cartilage begins to show signs of wear and tear. The good news is that when an arthritic patient begins using a Teeter Hang Up inversion table, the patient can begin gain significant strength in their back muscles and leg muscles.

They will not only notice an improvement in their lower body strength, they will also become more flexible and increase their range of movements as well. This is one of the reasons why inversion therapy and Teeter inversion tables are becoming increasingly popular with people.

A Teeter Inversion Table Will Help Make Your Life Easier

Many patients have noticed significant results after a Teeter inversion table for only a few months. Most patients have stated that there is less pressure in their backs when they first wake up in the morning. They often feel refreshed after waking up, and also have more a restful sleep during the night.

The one disadvantage that many people report is when they first begin using the product. It does take some time for a person to become acclimated to hanging in an inverted position for any period of time. However, the user can start by first taking small steps at the beginning and then adjusting the angle slowly until they reach an inverted position they are comfortable with.

When you are experiencing a lot of pain due to arthritis, it is not advisable to simply sit around and not exercise your joints. Limiting movement can cause your joints to begin to calcify. On the other hand, you also do not want to perform strenuous exercises on your fragile joints either. An inversion table will not require you to use any additional weight; you can simply use your own body weight and the force of gravity.

An inversion table offers the patient significant help with their back and leg pain. These exclusive tables are designed to help patients avoid placing their body weight solely on their ankles and knees. The weight is distributed evenly over the entire body. Patients can also use the rails that are attached to the table for added support.

A teeter inversion table is a must, not only if you want to reduce your pain, but also improve your mental alertness and relieve your stress.

Remember, it is essential that you consult with your doctor before using an inversion table.

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