The Best Inversion Tables: Choose The Best for You

The best inversion tables suitable for somebody who is suffering from back pain may not necessarily be the best choice for those who simply want to improve their circulation or their posture.

Inversion tables have experienced a surge of popularity over the last few years, not only because of the benefits that they offer but because they offer these benefits in a very convenient way.

The fact of the matter is, there are many different options that are available and you may choose a different option, depending upon why you are using the product.

Space Available

In making your choice of the best inversion tables, one of the primary things to consider is the space that you have available. You want to ensure that the device is going to be convenient to use in your home. If you choose one that is too large for your existing area or that is difficult for you to set up and store, you may find that you are not using it regularly.

Some of the best inversion tables have a very small footprint and they fold up easily for storage, even in place. After you find the choices that are right for the space that you have available, you can begin considering the options that they offer.


The best inversion tables are going to provide you with a wide range of benefits. Even if you are using them for back or joint pain, your health may still benefit in numerous ways. Comfort is often a factor, however, and there are some areas of even the best inversion tables that should be carefully scrutinized for comfort.

One of those areas is the ankle straps or the bar that is used to hold your ankles in place. This needs to be secure, of course, because you are trusting it with your weight while you are inverted. You also need to ensure that the restraint is comfortable so that you are able to enjoy this therapeutic experience.

In most cases, you are not going to be completely inverted so that only your ankles are holding your weight. It may be possible that your weight is going to be resting, at least to a certain extent, on the backboard. This is not only true while you are getting into position but it is also true while you are fully inverted.

Try to choose a backrest that is comfortable yet gives your body the opportunity to breathe. There are padded options that may be best for those who have back problems but a mesh back is also something that you may want to consider.

Best Inversion Tables Conclusion

As is the case with many products, the best inversion tables for your needs are not always going to match the best options for everyone else who needs to use it. You need to choose something that is going to be comfortable and convenient to use, because you only experience the benefits of being inverted when you are actually using the product.

If it's not comfortable, you'll end up not using it and it will be just another of those devices that will sit it your home and collect dust.


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