The Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table

teeter hang ups contour power inversion tableIf you are looking forward to getting a new inversion table, you should check out several inversion table reviews. If you are subscribed to a digest or magazine, you can find articles that discuss the different models of inversion tables. Nonetheless, you can also read inversion table reviews online. The Internet is a great place to look for these reviews. However, you should see to it that the reviews you read are factual and unbiased.

It is best if you can read a variety of inversion table reviews first in order to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of different models. These reviews will also help you realize which factors are important to take into consideration when shopping for an inversion table. An inversion table, as you know, is beneficial in many aspects. It can help you relieve muscle, joint, and back pain, as well as improve circulation and gain more flexibility and strength.

One of the inversion tables you can find on the market today is the Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table. According to inversion table reviews, this particular model brings the inverting experience to a higher level. It has a contemporary and unique design that you will surely like. As well as that, it is motorized and has a control and push button rotation in order to produce a smooth rotation in any angle.

If you use this inversion table on a daily basis, you will notice a significant improvement in the condition of your spine and back. You should experience less pain, more flexibility, and better joint health. You will also be able to tone and build your muscles. Don’t worry because you do not have to use this equipment for a long period of time. In fact, you only need to use it for a few minutes everyday.

The Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table has an outstanding design. It is also very user-friendly that even people who are not tech savvy can use it. The controls are very easy to use and navigate. Its deluxe motorized design is unique and not like any other inversion equipment. This unit is perhaps the most user-friendly and efficient inversion table available on the market.

What’s more, you can use this inversion table even when there is a brownout or blackout. There is no need for you to postpone inverting if ever there is a power interruption. It actually has an option for emergency crank back-up. Other features include hand grips for mounting support and curved front legs for better dismounting and mounting. The hand grips can also serve as traction handles for performing decompression exercises and stretching.

With regard to quality, the Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table is very well built. It has a powder coating that is resistant to scratches, as well as triple-plated chrome. The unit also features a very long ankle lock handle in order to reduce the need for bending when securing the ankles in place. Moreover, this unit can comfortably and efficiently distribute body weight around the heel and foot. It can also reduce ankle discomfort.

The Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table can support users of height 4’8” – 6’6” (142 – 198 cm). It can also support users weighing up to 300 pounds (136 Kg) of weight. The height and weight capacity of this unit is fairly common and most inversion tables on the market have a similar capacity.

As for safety, Teeter inversion tables are the only ones that are independently quality-assurance tested to UL1647 standard. They feature non-skid floor guards in order to reduce sliding as well as to protect flooring surfaces. Moreover, they feature gravity lock systems to disable the open function of the ratchet when the user is already in the inverted position.

The Teeter Contour Power Motorized Inversion Table has a warranty that lasts for two years. Although expensive, it can be relied upon for quality, safety, and comfort. It is actually among the most expensive deluxe inversion table models available on the market today. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent buy due to its very high quality. It also has an attractive design. Numerous inversion table reviews will agree on these claims. If you buy this inversion table, you can fold it for storage. You can also use it for core muscle training.