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Back Strengthening Exercises – Health Benefits

For back strengthening exercises, an inversion table is a must have in every home.  If you are someone who considers buying one for the family as the least of your priorities, wait until you experience having back pain or neck pain and paying thousands of dollars for an expert to correct your problem.

An inversion table would keep you safe from developing pinched nerves at the back.  It will also help you maintain good posture while you do your daily backbreaking work in the office or at the factory.  Here are some more health benefits that users of this therapy equipment are talking about.

A Good Substitute for Chiropractor Treatment

Some reviewers mention the great benefit of not having to visit a chiropractor so frequently.  One reviewer even mentioned a personal experience where chiropractic treatment did not work after years of regular visits to his doctor.  A friend recommended buying an inversion table and doing back strengthening exercises.

The pain in his back did not immediately disappear but the pain did became more and more tolerable as the days went by.  Now, he is no longer under the commitment of expensive doctor’s fees and his boss commended him for the significant increase in his productivity.

Check With Your Doctor First!

Before you consider using an inversion table, you first need to consult with your doctor to find out if you have serious back problems or any other contraindications.  Only if your doctor agrees that it is safe for you to use an inversion table, should you use one.

Back Strengthening Exercises – Inversion Tables: Overall Health

If you continue to read what inversion table users have to say, you will notice that they hardly mention any other health benefits.  The focus of discussions is usually on alleviating pain or, in other cases, the complete disappearance of pain.  Health experts have more to say on the matter.

Health and fitness experts say that inversion table users should thank the machine for its ability to increase blood supply to all parts of the body, including, and most importantly, the cells.  The inverted position can easily increase blood supply to the upper part of the body.  This can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, which can, in turn, keep the memory sharp.

Back strengthening exercises can also cause the user to breathe in more air.  This can help in expanding the lungs.  These exercises can also make the body sweat a lot, eliminating harmful toxins in the process.  Increased metabolic rate is another benefit.

Exercising using this equipment also helps to speed up the use of energy and burn fats faster.  For those with weight problems, this machine might be the answer you are waiting for.  Just make sure that you get a unit with excellent structural stability.

A Good Alternative to Very Expensive Exercise Machines

Many people who want to make a difference in their lives by exercising can easily be put off by exercise machines that are very expensive.  If those machines are not within your means, you can choose to purchase an inversion table.  The average price of these alternative machines is between $100 and $300.  Compare that with the thousands of dollars required to buy, say, a treadmill.  With an inversion table, you can get the same health benefits without spending a lot and you also get to enjoy the added advantage of maintaining a good posture.

Back Strengthening Exercises Inversion Table:  The Last Word

If you already have an inversion table model in mind, make sure, if possible, to try it out first before buying from an online shop.  See if the machine really fits your body well and if it can make you feel safe while hanging from it and while doing your back strengthening exercises.

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