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Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer Review for – 2023

teeter fitform strength home gym


Does the Teeter FitForm strength trainer belong in your home gym?

Manufacturers release new home gym equipment every few months and they aren’t all spectacular. It’s difficult to find equipment that is effective, safe, compact, and durable.

Buyers need to stick with trusted brands that have a strong reputation in the industry. It’s also a good idea to research each product to see exactly what customers have to say.

Teeter’s FitForm strength trainer is the budget friendly full-body trainer from Teeter. In this review, we’ll look at how the product is designed, how it works, and whether it’s worth the price tag.

Review of the Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer

Teeter FitForm Design

teeter fitform strength user 2The FitForm is a fairly compact and stylish trainer that won’t take up much space in your home gym.

It has a 21″x20.5″ frame that weighs less than 40 pounds. That makes it easy to move around the room and even stash in your closet when you need it out of the way.

Despite this compact design, buyers are able to perform a large variety of different workouts with the equipment.


The fast and easy assembly process is mentioned in numerous reviews by existing customers. The manual contains clear images and large text that is easy to understand. Each stage is broken down into the simplest tasks.

Even then, there are very few steps required to assemble the FitForm trainer. It’s a simple job that most people can finish alone in less than an hour.


Build Quality

Build quality is always important when dealing with home exercise equipment. Nobody wants low-quality equipment that breaks down after only a few months of usage.

Teeter combines a durable steel frame with synthetic Kevlar fibers to reduce the impact of normal wear and tear.

Even high-intensity workouts on a regular basis won’t wear down on the cable.


teeter fitform strength trainerThe FitForm allows up to 65 pounds of resistance and can be controlled in increments of 1 pound.

The resistance adjustments are made with a simple dial on the front of the machine. A person can easily increase the intensity by small amounts as they progress with their workout. 

In contrast, many other personal strength trainers only allow adjustments in increments of 5 pounds.

The machine works using a patented form of radial resistance. This technology helps the trainer maintain a consistent level of resistance throughout all of the motions in the exercise.

The proper muscles are engaged during the entire workout and efficiency is increased.

Drive Mechanism

The Teeter FitForm does not use a traditional drive mechanism to create artificial resistance. Instead, it relies on an internal system of cables and pulleys to create a smooth radial resistance.

The company boasts about its dual pulley system but some customers have complained that the pulleys become sticky without proper care.



teeter fitform storageStoring the FitForm is as easy as it gets. The machine is already compact and can be stored in most locations without any additional work.

It can be folded down to lower the footprint and make storage even easier.

It can be slid under the bed, tucked away in the corner, or stashed in the closet without breaking a sweat.

At 38 pounds, it is much lighter than many competing strength trainers.


The Teeter FitForm strength trainer does not have a built-in screen or tablet for displaying training programs.

However, it does come with a standard tablet holder on the front that can be used to hold a smartphone, tablet or other device.

You may have to provide your own screen but Teeter does offer a free exercise app for interested customers.

Additional Features

fitform strength usingCompared to competing devices, the FitForm is a fairly simple strength trainer.

It doesn’t contain a lot of extra features or bells and whistles. Instead, they have focused on manufacturing an affordable, compact, and durable machine that can be sold at a competitive price.

This is an excellent machine for someone who isn’t interested in expensive and unnecessary features.


The Teeter FitForm strength trainer warranty has improved since its release. It originally shipped with a shorter warranty for the body of the machine and a 1-year warranty for the remaining components.

The new warranty is a full 1-year warranty for the entire device. Teeter will replace defective parts and pay the cost of everything involved, including the transportation of the FitForm.


  • Compact and lightweight design that can fit in any room
  • Lower price than many other strength trainers on the market
  • Highly durable building materials that won’t wear down during intense workouts
  • Smooth radial resistance that can be adjusted in increments of 1 pound.


  • Requires having your own tablet to use the Teeter training app
  • The dual pulleys require regular care or they may become sticky


The FitForm is currently available on the Teeter website for $399. Customers can also qualify for financing with $0 down and payments of $34 a month. The machine is shipped the next business day after purchase with no shipping cost.

Customers have up to 60 days to return the product if they are not satisfied with the results.

More expensive home gyms from competitors can cost anywhere between $699 and $3,000.


The Teeter FitForm strength trainer may not be the best strength trainer on the market but it excels at what it tries to do. That is, it wants to be a compact, highly-durable strength trainer that can be used for a large variety of different exercises.

It doesn’t contain advanced features but it does contain high-quality building materials like Kevlar.

Overall, it’s a great option for anyone who is shopping on a budget or who has limited space available.


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