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Teeter Dex II Inversion & Core Training System Review

teeter dex ii review

Teeter Dex II
  • Price
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The Teeter Dex II is an Inversion & Core Training System designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles and which also easily incorporates inverted decompression into the workout.

It is effective for those who suffer from lower back pain, nerve compression and stress, but is not limited to the legs, torso, back, lower back, knees and ankles.

A forward-rotating, user-controlled inversion machine, the DEX 2 differs from an inversion table in that it does not stress the knees and ankles at all. Instead, the body inverts in a bent knee/bent hip position.

Users can carry out various body-stretching and strengthening exercises on this device, all in the comfort of their own home.


The Dex II is very easy to set up and is well built and very sturdy ensuring durability, even with repeated use. On the downside, the device may cause some discomfort when you first use it.

This device is a unique solution for stretching the lower back and increasing decompression of the spine to maximize effectiveness and for a variety of inverted stretches and exercises.

Check Out the Dex II Inversion & Core Training System


A Review of the Teeter Dex II Inversion & Core Training System


Heavy and solidly built, this high-quality machine is very easy to put together.


teeter dex ii example exerciseWhat you will certainly notice is that the DEX II looks nothing at all like a traditional inversion table. It has adjustable supports and puts your body in a fixed 90/90-degree position that helps to flatten the lumbar curve for greater separation of the lower vertebrae.

This unique design is intended for those who suffer from stress and nerve compression in their ankles, calves and knees and feel uncomfortable using an inversion table.

The Teeter DEX II allows users to decompress their backs and hips by helping to reduce the level of discomfort experienced by supporting the body’s weight mainly by means of the upper thighs.

It does this by reducing the load on the hamstrings by placing the knees in a relaxed 90° position, rather than forcing less-effective, straight-legged exercises.


Build Quality

The DEX II is of quality construction, consisting of a sturdy, square steel tube design with a high quality durable scratch-resistant powder-coated finish and a washable, padded vinyl mat.


The Teeter Dex II is suitable for users of between 4’ 8” and 6’ 6” (142 – 198 cm) tall and who weigh up to 300 lbs (136 Kg). Fully assembled, the unit’s dimensions are (L x W x H) 41” x 29” x 45” (104 x 74 x 114 cm)with a weight of 67 lbs (30.40 Kg).

Using the Teeter Hang Ups DEX 2

teeter dex ii exerciseMounting the DEX II is actually easier than an inversion table.  All you do is walk up to it, lean forward, grasp the lower handles and hang with a 90 degree bend in the waist rather than lying down on your back and letting your back get stretched.

All the inverted movements that can be effectively done with the Dex 2 are user-controlled both for stretching and strengthening.

The ergonomic design allows the user to carry out various forms of exercises, and not just for the back, but for the entire body. The workout can also incorporate decompression.

Once in position, the user can then perform a variety of inverted stretches and exercises ranging from spine stretches to back extensions. Traction handles enable stretching of the lower back with the added ability to increase the decompression of the spine for even better results.

teeter dex ii leg supportsUsing the DEX II means is that the majority of the traction is applied to your spine and hip joints and not the ankles and knee joints.

This device can also be used for push-ups allowing users to strengthen their abdomen (including obliques), biceps, shoulders, chest and lower back combined.

Some Other Features of the DEX II

  • Comfortable Lap Support: Holds the user in a fixed 90/90-degree position for a wide variety of inverted stretches and exercises
  • Adjustable Leg Supports: Adjustment for maximum comfort and security
  • Washable Padded Vinyl Mat: Quality materials are durable and easy to clean.


The corner feet provide the Dex II with a remarkably stable feel and prevent sliding as well as protecting floors.


The Teeter DEX II is covered by a five-year warranty.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Well-built and very sturdy
  • Rubber coated hand grips
  • Includes a Teeter 5-year warranty
  • Comfortable padding
  • Easily portable
  • Suitable for users weighing up to 300 lbs


  • May cause some discomfort when you first use it
  • Knee pads are non-adjustable for length of leg
  • It does take time to master each exercise movement
  • The results are progressive and not instant

Factors to Consider

Because of the DEX II’s multi-functional design, not only can you enjoy the benefits of reducing back pain but also other exercise benefits. 

The DEX II also takes up less space than a traditional inversion table. With this device, your upper body weight is not pulling at your knees and ankles like it would be with an inversion table. The pressure on your thighs does however take a bit of getting used to, but, for some people who find that hanging causes them pain in their ankles and, to a lesser extent, their knees, this would be a good alternative to an inversion table.

How Can The Teeter DEX II Help You?

For some people who experience lower back pain, and cannot use a traditional inversion table because of ankle and knee pain, the Teeter Hang Ups DEX 2 should be seriously considered.

The versatility of its design means that it can be used for other forms of exercise as well. 

What Customers Say

The DEX II gets a great rating on the Teeter site. Many customers said it is great for decompressing the spine and relieving back and hip pain and well worth the price.

Several said the product is extremely well made, solid and was very easy to assemble.

Others liked the fact that it doesn’t take up very much space.     

Before you use any product for health care, always consult with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.