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Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer Review for – 2023

teeter fitform strength home gym

Introduction Does the Teeter FitForm strength trainer belong in your home gym? Manufacturers release new home gym equipment every few months and they aren’t all spectacular. It’s difficult to find equipment that is effective, safe, compact, and durable. Buyers need to stick with trusted brands that have a strong reputation in the industry. It’s also […]

Teeter Power 10 Eliptical Rower Review

teter power 10 eliptical rower

Just when you think in-home gym equipment can’t get better than a quality rower, especially when you struggle with back pain, something like the Teeter Power 10 Eliptical rower comes along. Not only does it redefine a machine that removes impact and exercises 85% of your muscles, but it also takes home workouts to a […]

Teeter Freestep LT3 Review – 2023

teeter freestep lt3

Introduction A recumbent cross trainer/elliptical machine can be a great investment if you are looking for a high-intensity workout that won’t come at the expense of your back or joints. These machines have come much more advanced in recent years making them a great all-in-one exercise option. Summary The feature rich Teeter FreeStep LT3 is […]

NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine Review

nordictrack rw900 rower

Design The NordicTrack RW900 rowing machine is designed to offer users the opportunity to work out on a device that is comparable to professional rowing instruction. It is fitted with a 22″ touchscreen that allows access to lessons that will be challenging and help build resistance. The dimensions are 86.5 x 22 x 50.4 inches, […]

ProForm 750R Rower Review – 2023

proform 750r rower

Introduction How does one juggle the importance of staying fit and the convenience of staying home? With a versatile and convenient full-body workout from the ProForm 750R Rower. Now all the cardio and strength training available from rowing out on the lake is available in the comfort of your home with this high-performance rower. Top […]

Teeter FreeStep LT1 Review – 2023

teeter freestep lt1

Teeter FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer: Is it right for Your Home Gym? Affordable, reliable, and efficient are a few words that can be used to describe Teeter’s FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer. This equipment looks and feels modern without overloading you with unnecessary technological features. It’s built with quality materials by a reputable brand and was […]