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Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table Review

health mark ivo18660 inversion table

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Design
People have purchased the Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table and have had great experiences with them.

At an affordable price, this is a heavy piece of equipment capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.

Being made out of heavy gauge steel, this Health Mark inversion table feels extra sturdy and also very stable.

Health Mark make quality inversion tables and the IVO18660 Pro inversion table offers the most support, comfort and safety features of any table in its class.

These include:

  • a durable 840 denier nylon backboard mat for increased firmness after prolonged use
  • a thick foam padded ankle restraint system to keep you supported,
  • curved handlebars for easier use and to prevent accidental bed removal,
  • a split leg base design for increased frame strength and stability.

Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table Review


The sturdy steel frame is designed to be durable and also light weight with split leg design for maximum stability.  Side pinch guards are provided to prevent placing fingers or objects in small openings.

While it can be difficult to assemble, the table is much easier to move around than other tables due to its lighter weight.

Build Quality

In any device where you hang upside down, quality is a major concern.

The Health Mark IVO18660 Pro inversion table is probably as cheap as you would wish to go without compromising on quality of construction and safety.

The frame is of steel construction and has a durable Powder Coated Finish


The instructions are not as clear as they could be.  However, by following the pictures, it is not too difficult to see how it all fits together.

Ankle Support

health mark ivo18660 pro ankle holderThe curved design dual rolled foam ankle support system has a wide and contoured ankle locking bar with thick foam padding to provide additional support keeping you comfortably secure during inversion.

To begin with, some users might find the ankle support uncomfortable, however, experimenting with a suitable combination of socks and shoes should help to creating a much more comfortable inversion experience.


The table is built to support users weighing up to 300lbs which is fairly standard amongst inversion tables, although there are several other tables on the market that do support more than that.

Accommodates users of between 4’ 8” and 6’ 6”.

Dimensions when set up are 80” x 26” x 73”


health mark ivo18660 inversionThe tether strap allows the user to pre-set the angle of inversion, putting them in full control before experiencing a smooth and effortless inversion.

The Health Mark Pro’s Pivot arms have four lock-in settings.  These allow the user to adjust their inversion speed and range to any angle between horizontal and full 90 degree inversion and automatically locks once inverted slightly past the full 90 degree inversion.

The backboard mat is constructed of heavy-duty 840 denier nylon which has been proven to last longer than the backboards of several competitors and provides a stable, comfortable surface during the inversion process.


With a net weight of under 50lbs, the Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Therapy Table can be folded compactly for easy moving and storage.  It has a sturdy light steel frame making it easily portable.


The Health Mark weighs less than other comparable tables and comes with a light and sturdy frame weighing only 50 lbs.  However it is built to handle similar weights as other tables.

It includes skid-resistant stoppers on the legs to keep the table securely in place during use, no matter what angle you are at.

Locks Out For Full Inversion


Health Mark provides a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects on all Pro Inversion Tables.


  • Light and sturdy frame – only 50lbs
  • Includes all the important features for inversion therapy
  • Comfortable nylon bed
  • Locks once fully inverted
  • Smooth transitions


  • Lacks bells and whistles of more expensive tables
  • Instructions not very clear
  • Inability to do abdominal exercises
  • Cost slightly high when compared to other makes


The Health Mark Pro IVO18660 inversion table is a basic model but has all the important features that you would need and the cost is within most peoples budgets.

There are of course several much cheaper tables available on the market.  However, around three hundred dollars is not unreasonable for a safe inversion experience although you can buy ones with more features for around a similar price.

To consider anything much cheaper than this table would be to take the risk of it being unsafe and flimsy and unable to provide the proper inversion therapy.

If your budget permits and you do want to pay a little more for additional patented features that are worth it, then the Teeter FitSpine X3 inversion table would be one to look at as would the X1.

Factors to Consider

The Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table has all the basic features that you would want in an inversion table.  All it is missing are the bells and whistles of more expensive inversion tables, many of which are not strictly necessary to provide the full inversion experience.

One thing to note is that to get relief from back pain using an inversion table regularly will work out a lot cheaper than visits to the Chiropractor.

For the cost, the Health Mark Pro inversion table is an economical table and should be considered if you cannot afford one of the more expensive models.

How Can The Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table Help You?

Customer Reviews

Many customers love this inversion table and how it relieves stress and has saved them money chiropractors.  They also comment on how sturdy and well put together the product is.

Customers simply love this product. People go on about how much relief it has provided.

Customers point out daily usage has led to be a cure for all sorts of back issues. They pointed out that while it can be difficult to assemble, the light weight table is much easier to move around than other tables.

Other than the assembly problem, people did not have anything negative to say about this model. At time of writing the Health Mark IVO18660 Pro Inversion Table has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Before you use any product for health care, always consult with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.

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