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Teeter FreeStep LT1 Review – 2023

teeter freestep lt1

Teeter FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer: Is it right for Your Home Gym?

Affordable, reliable, and efficient are a few words that can be used to describe Teeter’s FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer. This equipment looks and feels modern without overloading you with unnecessary technological features. It’s built with quality materials by a reputable brand and was clearly designed with precision in mind.


The LT1 fits right in with the rest of the home exercise equipment sold on the market today. It uses simple colors, smooth curves, and minimal building materials to create a very modern appearance. It looks like something you want to sit and turn on even if you don’t know what it does. There are also a few Quality-of-Life design features included, such as water bottle holders, movement wheels on the base, and a digital console.


The FreeStep LT1 as piece of equipment is not particularly difficult to set up but it is not recommended that one person on their own try it. Two people who are good at following instructions can have the Teeter FreeStep assembled in less than an hour. As for the instructions themselves, they are easy-to-read and divided into several simple sections for individual parts of the FreeStep. Each component is put together and attached in order.

Build Quality

teeter freestep lt1 userThe FreeStep may be intended for home use but it is designed with the precision and durability of commercial-grade equipment.

The linkage system is essentially free of friction.

This was tested in-house for more than 2.3 million cycles without any noticeable difference in the system.

The end result is a machine that will last for a very long time if properly used and cared for.


See the Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer LT1 in Action…


  CLICK HERE to See the Teeter FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer



teeter lt1 resistanceThe variable magnetic resistance makes it possible to adjust workout intensity to your ideal levels.

This guarantees that when you exercise you will always get the results you seek.

A dial on the machine is all that you need to adjust the resistance up and down as you see fit.

Drive Mechanism

The Teeter LT1 Cross Trainer drive mechanism is one of the most impressive aspects of the recumbent trainer. It relies on a dual-power mechanism that allows the body to push and pull simultaneously. The recumbent bike helps drive the arms on the elliptical using the force generated by your lower body. Ultimately, this will deliver a well-rounded workout to the upper and lower body by pitting the two against each other.


teeter lt1 consoleThe digital console is one of the weaker aspects of the LT1. It features a simple battery-powered digital console that reads back some useful workout stats like speed and calories burned. It’s not going to be streaming any at-home workout classes or unique exercise routines. To do this, you will be better off relying on your phone or tablet. Luckily, the FreeStep includes a convenient device stand for your tablet.


It’s not difficult to move and store the FreeStep LT1 thanks to the small wheels located on the bottom. It can be slightly difficult with weight and positioning if you are trying to move and store the Teeter on a carpeted surface. It doesn’t include any extra portability or storage features such as the ability to collapse or fold together.

Additional Features

There are a handful of extra features that the FreeStep makes good use of. For example, the seat is adjustable with a total of 3 different recline settings. This allows you to control your posture during a workout and target specific muscle groups more easily while remaining comfortable. You can also adjust the height of the seat and the position of the handles to your liking.


Teeter provides a 1-Year full product warranty with your new purchase of a FreeStep. The LT1 is a durable machine and it is well-built. It will last and continue to deliver results as long as you use it properly.


  • The dual-power design works the upper-body and lower-body at the same time by using the force you generate.
  • The ultra-quiet operation noise makes it possible to comfortably exercise indoors without disturbing the neighbors, waking the kids, or missing your shows.
  • The FreeStep is surprisingly affordable when compared to similar products with comparable features.
  • Several elements, such as the seat height and handle position are adjustable.
  • The linkage system is designed with commercial-grade engineering in mind. It will last a long time without suffering friction damage.


  • The limited 1-Year warranty won’t offer much protection in the long-term. You’ll need to rely on personal care and maintenance to avoid costly repairs.
  • The display console only provides limited exercise data. It cannot stream apps or any pre-constructed workout routines.


The price of the Teeter FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer ranges anywhere from $749 to $799 depending on where you purchase. Some sources, including the manufacturer’s website, offer long-term payment plans for qualifying customers.


Teeters FreeStep LT1 Cross Trainer would make a fine addition to any home gym. It is an affordable and reliable source of low-impact, high-intensity exercise. Whether you’re interested in building muscle, burning fat, or improving endurance; this equipment can work for you. It may lack some of the advanced features like on-demand workouts, but it makes up for that by cutting costs significantly. Overall, this is one of the best entry-level recumbent cross trainers on the market today and will likely be for some time. Before you use any product for fitness or health care, always consult with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.


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