Comparing Inversion Table Specifications

Below is an Inversion Table Comparisons Chart showing a concise list of the main specifications of a number of competing inversion tables.

This will help you to see at a glance what features you are looking for to help you compare the best inversion tables together and choose the one most suitable for your needs.


Make & ModelImageRatingWeight CapacityMax HeightProduct WeightFoldsOur ReviewView Price
Teeter EP-5604.9 Star Rating300 lbs 6' 6″ 67 lbsYesRead Review

Stamina Seated4.6 Star Rating250 lbs6' 674 lbsNoRead Review
Teeter EP-9604.5 Star Rating300 lbs6' 6″ 75.5 lbsYesRead Review
Teeter EP-970 Ltd4.8 Star Rating300 lbs6' 665.3 lbsYesRead Review
Teeter EP-5504.3 Star Rating300 lbs6' 6″ 79 lbsYesRead Review
Teeter EP-9504.3 Star Rating300 lbs6' 6″ 80 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman Gravity 40004.6 Star Rating350 lbs6' 682 lbsYesRead Review
Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table4.6 Star Rating300 lbs6' 363 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman Gravity 30004.3 Star Rating350 lbs6' 675 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman Gravity 20004.3 Star Rating300 lbs6' 675 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman Gravity 10004 Star Rating300 lbs6' 646 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared4.5 Star Rating350 lbs6' 675 lbsYesRead Review
Innova ITX96004.2 Star Rating300 lbs6' 652 lbsYesRead Review
Health Mark Pro Max4.5 Star Rating600 lbs6' 696 lbsNoRead Review
Ironman iControl 5004.3 Star Rating285 lbs6' 668 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman ATIS 40004.3 Star Rating320 lbs6' 6111 lbsNoRead Review
Teeter Dex II4.3 Star Rating300 lbs6' 657.5 lbsN/ARead Review
Ironman LX3004 Star Rating275 lbs6' 655 lbsYesRead Review
Ironman ATIS 1000 AB4.3 Star Rating300 lbs6' 676 lbsYesRead Review
Health Mark Pro4.2 Star Rating300 lbs6′ 8″56 lbsYesRead Review