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Inversion Therapy: Help Your Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a popular method of treatment today that works to de-stress and decompress the bones in the body.

It is a treatment that involves the patient being in an upside down position or even at a bit of an inverted angle to help provide therapeutic benefits. This process is called inverting and it can be done either through hanging upside down or with a handstand, otherwise known as hand balancing.

If you are not familiar with inversion therapy, at first glance, you may find it strange and wonder “why on earth are those people hanging upside down?”  Are they punishing themselves on some sort of torture equipment?”

The image of a person inverted to 90 degrees and supported by their ankles alone may have piqued your curiosity. You will find that inversion table therapy is something that has been around for many, many years.

Since the benefits go far beyond just the relief of back pain, there are more and more people who are looking to add it into their regular routine for stretching and/or working out.

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Just some of the benefits include, but are certainly not limited to: reduction of stress and fatigue, improvement of circulation, relaxation, relief from over-compression and more.

There are even some patients who have been able to enjoy relief from constant headaches and improved flexibility after using inversion as a part of their daily routine.


Inversion Therapy Benefits

Relieves Back Pain – it stretches the spine and relieves pressure on discs.

Stress can cause muscle spasms in the back or neck thereby reducing blood and lymph flow.  Consequently, it decreases the oxygen supply. 

When there is reduced lymph flow, waste chemicals will accumulate in the muscles.

Inversion relaxes the muscles, allowing sufficient blood and oxygen supply to the tissues. 

The lymphatic fluids flush the waste chemicals out and carry them to the blood stream.  As a result, stiffness and pain in the muscles disappear.

Improves Mental Agility

The deterioration of the brain is not caused primarily by old age.  It may be caused by the constriction of arteries, thus reducing the blood flow going to the brain. 

In order to reduce the chances of senility, an inversion therapy table can be used to increase blood supply to the brain.

Relieves Symptoms of Depression

Many people have stated that their depressive symptoms were reduced and the quality of their life improved significantly by using inversion therapy. 

This program is said to increase the production of serotonin, which is responsible for regulating mood and behaviour. 

People who lack serotonin can suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Achieve Optimum Fitness

What is optimum fitness you ask?  It is the ability to remain active all throughout your life.

In order to achieve optimum fitness, there are three elements, these are:

  • Cardiovascular:  Inversion promotes circulation.  Part of the circulatory process is the transport of deoxygenated blood from the lower extremities to the lungs for oxygenation, an upward mechanism going against the force of gravity.  The oxygenated blood is then carried by the arteries to the different organs and tissues of the body.  Inversion lessens cardiovascular workload because it allows circulation to work with gravity.
  • Flexibility:  Over time, the stretched spine will readjust and return to its natural position.
  • Strength: You can do abdominal crunches, sit-ups, leg stretching and lumbar stretching without straining your spine

Contraindications for the therapy:

  • Recent head injury
  • Retinal detachment
  • Motion sickness
  • Recent back surgery
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
An Important Reminder:

Whenever you find that you are having issues with your back and are in need of relief, you may want to talk to your physician, physical therapist or chiropractor about the possibility of using inversion therapy.

Always consult with your doctor first to find out if it is safe for you to try inversion therapy and use an inversion table.

Will an Inversion Table Work for You?

The question is, will inversion therapy work for everyone?

The truth is that inversion therapy might not work for everyone all the time, but it does work for many thousands of users who can testify to that effect after buying an inversion table.

Many have said that buying an inversion table was one of the best decisions of their lives.

The best inversion tables reviewed on this website are of high quality and there should be something there to suit everyone’s unique physical requirements and budget. We’re therefore confident that you will make the right decision when choosing an inversion table.

The only real way to find out if inversion table therapy is right for you is to try an inversion table. You should only try an inversion table after consulting with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.  

Inversion tables to use for inversion therapy are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and of course price ranges.

Our top best inversion table 2021 is the Teeter FitSpine X3.

A table should be chosen depending on the individual needs of the person and what they are looking to achieve.

There are a lot of therapists and doctors that are now recommending the use of inversion to help provide relief from a number of ailments including lower back pain, pressure on the spine and more.


When you compare the cost of using drugs or getting regular treatment from a chiropractor or other medical practitioner, the cost of an inversion table, at a few hundred dollars, can actually work out cheaper in the long run. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the other inversion table benefits described above and use the device at any time that is convenient for you.

You could say that inversion therapy is “a little time spent inverted upside down can make a lifetime of living right-side up.”

We hope you’ve found this website of help in your search for a solution for a pain-free back and a healthier lifestyle.

Before you use any product for health care, always consult with your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.