Inversion Table Brands

Inversion Table Brands
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best inversion table 2020Modern medicine has garnered a lot of skeptics. Many people are not entirely convinced, nor are they comfortable with, prescribing completely to the procedures that modern medicine has to offer.

There is a belief among the many people who are skeptical of the benefits of using modern medicine only, that there are better ways of healing one’s body apart from using chemical and invasive surgeries.

In the same line of thought, there are more and more people who are turning to alternative medicine in search of remedies for back and spinal ailments.

A good example of this is inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy is a form of treatment where one suspends their body up-side-down with the aid of an inversion table, the intention being to relieve pressure from the back as well as other joints in the body. The premise of this therapy is that by suspending your body in the opposite direction to the pull of gravity, you relieve the compression pressure that the back and other joints are experiencing, thus, averting back and joint pains.

The Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

The benefits of this therapy go beyond just relieving the pressure and averting pain. Inversion therapy is said to improve one’s posture over time. It is also said to improve the blood circulation within the body.

Inversion therapy can also go a long way in helping you avert slumping as you age.

However, of all the benefits that arise from inversion therapy, alleviating back pain is probably the most considerable, and well known, benefit. Acute spinal column pain is a detestable pain that makes life a living hell. Doing even the simplest of tasks while you have this condition can be extremely difficult. Inversion therapy is clinically proven to reduce this pain considerably, thus handing you your life back.

As with all other treatments, the apparatus used really does matter as they determine the extent of results you obtain. Using the appropriate apparatus usually ensures that you get positive results within a short space of time.

Inversion Table Brands

Some of the inversion table brands brand to consider when purchasing an inversion table include Teeter Hang-Ups, Ironman Inversion tables and Body Champ.

Teeter Hang-Ups

This very popular top brand has been established since the early 1980’s and always appears among the best inversion table brands. The company has many products for the commercial, clinical and home markets, producing a considerable variety of devices to suit the different needs that patients with any back ailment have. More often than not, your doctor will recommend an inversion table from this brand.

The majority of their inversion tables are usually able to be customized/accessorized, hence, they do tend to cost a bit more. Examples of their models include the Teeter FitSpine X3 and  Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

Ironman Tables

This brand stands out because of the variety of table models that it has produced. This variety is good for the consumer who is more likely to get exactly what they are looking for. The prices of inversion tables from this brand vary from very affordable which provides the basic functionality to those expensive ones that have additional features.

Some of the models produced under the Ironman brand include the Ironman Gravity 4000 and IFT 4000 Infrared just to mention a few. The price ranges from around $100 to about $450 for the more accessorized inversion tables.


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