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Teeter Inversion Table Exercises

This article will address some of the common types of Teeter inversion table exercises and their benefits. If you want to lower your back pain and enhance the flexibility of your body, then inversion exercises using an inversion table can really help. Upside down workouts cut down the stress that’s usually added to your spinal […]

Seated Inversion Therapy Systems

You have probably heard of inversion tables, but have you heard of seated inversion therapy systems? Inversion Therapy This is used by many people, and it has been a standard form of therapy for sore joints and muscles for many years. The idea that turning the body upside down can have significant health, body and […]

Inversion Therapy: Help Your Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a popular method of treatment today that works to de-stress and decompress the bones in the body. It is a treatment that involves the patient being in an upside down position or even at a bit of an inverted angle to help provide therapeutic benefits. This process is called inverting and it […]

Inversion Tables Pros and Cons

What are the main inversion tables pros and cons? In this article we list some of these. Introduction Inversion therapy has been around for quite some few years now. It is a form of spinal traction – basically, this therapy is only hanging upside down and involves the use of an inversion table. The table […]

What is the Best Inversion Table for You in 2023?

So, what is the best inversion table for you in 2023? It’s the one that suits your specific needs best. No matter what the brand, its price, or its features, it will not be as efficient and effective if it doesn’t suit your primary needs. So, before you buy an inversion table for inversion therapy […]

Do Inversion Tables Work for Back Pain?

A common question that is often asked by people unfamiliar with inversion therapy is do inversion tables work? One of the most well-known techniques to help relieve body and back pain is what medical professionals call inversion therapy.  This requires the use of an item of equipment called an inversion table which places the body […]

How to Use an Inversion Table

What is an inversion table I hear you ask? With more and more people nowadays becoming increasingly concerned about their health, it isn’t really very surprising that many forms of exercise equipment are now attracting greater attention. One of the more popular items being reviewed by many health enthusiasts is the inversion table. What is an Inversion […]

Back Strengthening Exercises – Health Benefits

For back strengthening exercises, an inversion table is a must have in every home.  If you are someone who considers buying one for the family as the least of your priorities, wait until you experience having back pain or neck pain and paying thousands of dollars for an expert to correct your problem. An inversion […]

The Gravity Inversion Table – A Closer Look

Technically, the gravity inversion table uses the force of gravity to heal spinal abnormalities and ease back pain. Theoretically speaking, being inverted for a minimal amount of time can help not only in treating back problems but in improving blood circulation, de-stressing the body, decompressing the vertebrae (which when left unmanaged, might lead to herniated […]

What is a Teeter Inversion Table?

What is a Teeter inversion table you might be asking and what is it used for? As the name suggests, it is an item of equipment that enables you to invert your body. It allows you to swing your feet to a position above the level of your head.  This has the effect of increasing the […]

Lower Back Exercises: Use An Inversion Table

Just like in picking any other piece of health equipment for lower back exercises and for aligning the spinal cord, you must be wise when choosing an inversion table.  The machine can easily cost you about $200.  However, that could turn out to be costly if you make a mistake. Here is a buying guide […]