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An Ironman Inversion Table – The Advantages

Whether you are out to put an end to your lower back pain misery or would simply like to maintain correct posture, you will never regret buying and using an Ironman inversion table.

Reviews are giving the brand a 4 or a 5 rating, with nobody saying that it’s a waste of money.

One of these machines could be one of your finest health investments, and you stand to enjoy the following advantages:

Ironman Inversion Table

Easy to Put Together

Assembly is a piece of cake.  The moment you open the box and see the parts, you will have a good idea where each piece goes.  The assembly is something where you shouldn’t need to ask the delivery man or the store attendant what to do.

Good Construction

These machines are well-designed and well constructed.  You will be happy about how nice they feel on your hands and the overall sturdiness of the products.  The entire table feels rock solid, although some customers thought that the quality of the material at the leg bottom supports was low.  Nonetheless, the entire machine, including the leg bottom supports, can stand up to years of extensive use.

Good Usability

These are items of exercise equipment that your body can easily adjust to and they’re very easy to use.  Just find your height and then adjust the central bar accordingly.  The ankle supports will fit and support your body very well.  For beginners, it will be a bit uncomfortable in the first few sessions, which is to be expected as 99% of your body weight will be supported by your ankles.  But this will gradually go away and the following sessions will become more comfortable.

Foldable Models

Space should not be a problem since many of the Ironman inversion table models can be folded like a sheet of paper.  For as long as you are patient enough to remove the screws at the lateral supports, you should not have a hard time storing it away after use.  The can be easily tucked under the bed or in any narrow space where they can be stashed.

Machines That Are Affordable

An Ironman is affordable, with several costing less than $200.  For something that can correct pinched nerves or correct misalignment in the spinal column, the price should not be a huge concern.  For example, you can have the LX 300 model for under $150 while the more expensive models vary up to $350 or more.

Easy to Carry

Along with easy storage, several of the Ironman inversion table models are praised for their lightweight convenience.  You can take them almost anywhere.  Whether you are going on a long vacation or heading away for a business trip, some models are a no-nuisance companion.  Anyone can easily disassemble it, put it in the box, and put it in the luggage compartment. With a machine accompanying you, you can have something to soothe your body after hours of standing and speaking before an audience of business associates.

You might take a peek at other leading brands.  However, when tempted to pick from a competitor, make sure that you take into account the advantages that are mentioned above.