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Lower Back Exercises: Use An Inversion Table

Just like in picking any other piece of health equipment for lower back exercises and for aligning the spinal cord, you must be wise when choosing an inversion table.  The machine can easily cost you about $200.  However, that could turn out to be costly if you make a mistake.

Here is a buying guide to help make sure that this purchase will not turn out to be something you might regret:

Ease of Storage

Make sure you ask the store assistant about storage of the item.  There are inversion tables that require wrenches to set them up for use.  Particularly check the handle supports – if these supports use wrenches for attachment to the main body, then you may have some problems folding the machine.

Every time you’re done with your upper or lower back exercises, you will have to remove the handles just to keep the thing folded perfectly flat during storage.  That might take a lot of time, especially if you need to take the equipment with you on a trip.  If possible, choose one that does not require any tools to assemble and disassemble or fold up for storage.

Ease of Adjusting

You will almost certainly find an inversion table very uncomfortable if the machine can’t be adjusted easily.  There’s no point in doing lower back exercises and/or other types of exercise if you feel uncomfortable on the machine or if other areas of your body hurt while using the equipment. In addition, adjustable foot rests will accommodate different users with significantly different weights and heights.

Don’t make the assumption that you will be the only in the family who will be using the machine.  As soon as other family members see the benefits that the machine can bring, they will also want to use it.  That’s why it’s best if they can also be accommodated by the same machine as well, otherwise, you might have to shell out some more money for a unit that’s easily adjustable.

Lower Back Exercises Inversion Tables:  Comfort and Safety at the Ankles

If this is the first time you are buying an inversion table, don’t make the mistake of purchasing from an online store without trying it out first and checking the ankle support mechanism.  A lot of complaints have been aired about this particular aspect as loose ankle supports can not only be uncomfortable but can also cause accidents.  You have to remember that most of your weight will be hanging from your ankles.  You can imagine therefore what could happen to you if the clamps at the ankles suddenly snapped off.

Go to a real brick and mortar shop and try out the brand and model of your choice.  If you’re satisfied, you can then proceed and purchase a unit from an online shop where it is very likely to be cheaper.

Durability and Sturdiness

The quality of the material and the makeup should be one of your foremost concerns.  You need something that you can really trust, especially when you intend to be hanging upside down for a long time and if you are quite heavy.  When you use the machine, check if the thing remains balanced when you are in different positions.  The center of gravity should be maintained whether you are sitting or inverted.

Make sure that the inversion table is something that can last for a long time.  Check the material and the attachments.  After assembly, you can usually get some idea of how durable the machine is likely to be.  The machine should not make any noise during your inversion exercises or when doing sit-ups.

Lower Back Exercises Inversion Table: Price

When you read reviews about inversion tables, you will find that people vary rarely mention the price.  They talk mostly about the health benefits and the items that have been d above.

The apparent low attention being given to price differences is mainly due to the relatively low-price tags of different brands.  Additionally, the difference in price is not very insignificant as the higher and lower priced models are not too far away from the average.  Prepare to spend about $300 to $350 at the most and at least $150 for the cheapest unit.  Just make sure you choose one that everyone in the family can use.

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