Seated Inversion Therapy System

Seated Inversion Therapy System
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Inversion therapy is used by many people and it has been a standard form of therapy for sore joints and muscles for many years.

The type of inversion system that you use can make a difference in the benefits that are achieved.

For many, the seated inversion therapy system is one that is the best choice for their needs. What are the benefits of using this system and how can it be utilized in the best manner possible for your health needs?

Here are a few of the benefits for your consideration.

Uses Less Space

Depending on the type of inversion system that you are using, the seated inversion therapy system tends to use much less space. In fact, when it is not in use, it takes up no more room than a standard office chair. It is easy to store in a home or apartment that does not have a lot of extra space for exercise equipment. As you use the seated inversion therapy system, it will not take up much more space than when it is in the seated position.


Not everyone who wants to use inversion therapy wants to do so in a full vertical position. In most cases, the seated inversion therapy system will allow you to adjust the vertical limits of the device so that it maxes out at the pre-decided vertical limit. This makes it easy for you to position where you will be stretching your joints and muscles.

Easy in/Easy out

Many of the inversion devices that are on the market can be difficult to use, especially when you are getting into position. Some of them require that you hang upside down from a doorway or perhaps from a standalone unit. In some cases, those systems will have automated ways of getting you into position but they will not be able to match the convenience of using a seated inversion therapy system. All that is necessary for you to do is to sit down, put your ankles in position and lean backwards.

The benefits of using the seated inversion therapy system extend far beyond its ease-of-use and small footprint. It has the same benefits to your health that are available from other inversion tables. Included among those benefits is spinal decompression, which can help individuals with slipped or herniated discs. By expanding the disc space, it takes pressure off of the nerve and provides you with significant pain relief.

Many people also use inversion therapy for extending their physical fitness routines. Although this is something that should be done slowly when first starting, you can get a significant work out while you are in an inverted position. This would include working the abdominal muscles, as well as doing some light weight training. You will find that it helps you to achieve a greater level of fitness while at the same time, providing you an overall body stretch which helps to reduce the possibility of injury.

Always remember to consult with your doctor before trying an inversion table.

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